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The site of a proposed dam in Kurdistan,
Anatolia, South East Turkey
Part of a larger project, GAP, it entails the removal of some 78,000 Kurdish people. Having been slaughtered and raped by the 'Turkish' people for the best part of 20 years, the Kurds have officially ended the armed conflict, although Turkish agencies and the government do not recognise any end to hostilies and seek to suppress and abuse the Kurds further. The building of the 'Ilisu' dam in North West Kurdistan will destroy some of their best land and heritage. Sadly, as usual, there is backing for GAP from various countries as private and 'public' money sharks hope to catch a few squid.

Conflicts with restricting the water supply to Iraq and Syria and other human rights abuses are ignored for short term profit by our money lenders and other power mad agencies. Water is in short supply in both countries and Turkish control is unwelcome, effectiveley it is being used by Turkey as a weapon to enhance their power further with the backing of 'the west'. Turkey, alone, has formidable armed forces and as a member of Nato and soon to be part of the EU there's little Syria, as the worse effected, can do.

The link above will take you to more details - please write to your MP, MEP etc to enquire further. Don't let them of with some seemingly sensible or shiny arguments. Turkie wants to be in the EU so its a good time to put pressure on their human rights issue before we become more blase about caring for our neighbours.


London Sumatra (Lonsum) is an Indonesian Plantation Company
An Indonesian rubber, cocoa, coconut and palm oil plantation company implicated in illegal logging and the intimidation of local people to obtain land. One report of 3 June 2004, by 'Friends of the Earth' mentions a village, Pergulaan, in the regency of Deli Serdang in Northern Sumatra (Sumatera Utara). Villagers after many years tried to repossess land that was stolen from them. Lonsum, as they are called locally, hired contractors to dig a ditch around the village, some 4 meters wide and 6 meters deep, to corral the inhabitants and then sent in malitia to do them in or over - details are sketchy.

Cadburys and Deutsche Bank are two main investors: lobby both.
Limit your purchase of Cadbury's chocolate etc if they don't take action.

specialists in earth poisons
monsanto. Monsanto are manufacturers and distributors of poisons on a global scale. DDT, Thalidomide, Agent Orange, PCB's, BGH, Aspartame, Roundup. You name it they've done and are still doing it. The mainstay of their current empire is a genetic mutation based around the so called 'environmentally safe' weedkiller, 'RoundUp'. For such claims New York judges fined Monsanto £50,000 and told them to remove such labeling. Many people still tout RoundUp as being 'Green'

The 'twin' offspring of RoundUp and Roundup resistant seeds, is thier two pronged invasion. The first leg is to poison the soil and then sell the only seeds that will grow in it. They are having some success in parts of the world, and to add to their array of powerful tools to subdue the vegetative environment they have won a court case in Canada that says they can polute the environment with impunity:

Where any crop of any person becomes contaminated with pollen from Monsanto's genetically modifed seeds, the resulting crop becomes Monsanto's

The grower can also be fined for not telling Monsanto they are growing crops contaminated by Monsanto patented genes and pay Monsanto court costs, product costs as well as the crops being confiscated. In a final appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada, Percy Schmeiser was told he did not have to pay Monsanto in this instant.

Extract from 'a recent interview
of Percy Schmeiser'

'courtesy of Andrew Wood'

....Louise Schmeiser who tried to claim for damages to her organic crops was not awarded compensation or clean-up fees by small claims court...Small claims court judge rules Monsanto has a license from Canada's federal government for unconfined release of RR canola....Supreme Court Releases Decision on May 21, 2004....Canada's high court rules that Monsanto has a valid patent on their GE Canola.....Schmeiser has a major victory as Monsanto is not entitled to damages, profits, the technology use fee and court costs...
Of all the problems we pour upon the Earth and thereon ourselves, this genetic changing of basic crops and associated flora is the largest threat to a future of enjoyable and shareable life.

The EU has authorised some Genetically modifed seeds as being 'safe' to plant. By safe they mean causing little or no damage to the local environment. Idiots! Pollen travels and over the years there won't be a noock or cranny that's not contaminated: or should that be cock or fanny.


  • Canada : It is impossible to grow organic rape seed (canola) as all the land is contaminated with 'RoundUp Ready Canola'
  • Mexico : Indigenous maize hundres of kilometres from enclosed trial areas are contaminated, threatening the survival of the basic genetic lines.

Contamination of wheat and rice are high on Monsanto's menu, but cleverly they have left this to later, waiting for the acceptance of their for-runners.

Actions here to query our 'politicians' to encourage a halt to such genetic expansion and to ensure that Monsanto pay for their contamination and to stop Monsanto claiming patents on various crop seeds. Crops are owend by those that do the work of cultivation, the more you work at it, the more you 'own' it. Contamination by Monsato's genetic pollen is not the sort of work that gives due ownership of cross-pollinated crops. The reverse should be true - where there is contamiantion not only should the farmer be compensated but the puklic as a whole - it's their food that is conataminated, for good or bad is a religious issue.

If you would like more details on monsanto and GMOs I'll send you a CD which includes songs.
It's a bit dated in some areas but then maybe you can update it :). Send me quid or two or three on receipt, if you will.

Aerojet (Sacramento, USA)
Manufacturer of Cluster Bombs
Following the recent 'London Arms Fair' where Aerojet/Honeywell were asked not to advertise Cluster Bombs, I have called Aerojet to confirm that they do make them, before making further enquires. Although I had made several calls and been promised an answer, some three weeks later I have not heard from them.

Visit mysummary for specifications and general use and the following site for more detail on use and construction of Cluster Bombs and data and updates on the companies involved.

www.fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/dumb/cbu-87.htm and www.fas.org/man/dod-101/sys/dumb/cluster.htm
depleted uranium contamination Honeywell - Alliant Techsystems, Inc.


OK so that's the bad news. Is there any good news? Well no!

Some of us try to counter such abuse, but it is still increasing.
To see some of the efforts to combat this degredation of our planet and lives see :

Global Campaigners   GreenPeace Friends of the Earth War on Want  
Local (UK) Initiatives   Tinkers Bubble Kings Hill Steward Woodland  
Personal Meditations   Starlord Steve Seize the Day Tony Wrench(Brithdir Mawr)  

your view is biased not so much by what you are shown, but by what you are looking for

Caveat : I make no claim to the accuracy of any of the above statements. I have an e-signature which reads :- "facts invariably distort the truth". So depend only on your inquisitiveness, integrity and dilligence to find details suited to your own understandings. I will contact those mentioned and get their responses - which will be added/linked here.

You may feel like you're banging your head against a wall, see through it to enquire, its only life, your life, and none of the companies, agencies or their employees, mentioned above, take that seriously.

' Do not compromise yourself, it's all you have' : Janis Joplin

"we cannot, nor should we try to, change the dreams of others, no matter how nightmarish they could be to us. However in voicing our ideas they may choose to change theirs"

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