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Although the DNS on Fasthosts was directed to the ElfServer early on 13th July there has been no proper update.

Just after 12pm (11GMT) I edited the website to show the DNS, which had changed.

At 12:30 the site at Krystal is no longer visible but the one on Elf is not.

13:50 Called Fasthosts and they have the new site, so it’s some UK propagation that is slow
14:00 Called Zen who passed the buck to Nominet, not sure about their involvement.
14:15 Called Nominet 01865332211 who affirmed they do not deal with DNS
20:00 After more calls no resolve via the FritzBox. Using the Plusnet ADSL and BT Hub3 there is no problem ??

July 14th
01:32 Still no joy
09:00 OK Both and resolve to the ElfServer via browse on Raspberry and Fairphone and traceroute works fine.
10:54 Change DNS for to ZenBox too.

July 16th
08:00, and resolve to ElfServer

It has taken 48hrs on average for the names to resolve ??

13/07/21 @ 12:40 pm