• Buster OS

    First Pi 4 to be used as a desktop computer. I have used the option from a 64GB SD with NOOBS to install Raspberry Pi Buster. I noted that during install there is an option to create a Data partition which I did on both, but have no idea what it can be…More »
  • Partition the SD

    Partitioning the SD card, in this instance the NOOBS, to be able dual boot. Instructions I am about to use are from https://www.partitionwizard.com/partitionmanager/raspberry-pi-boot-from-usb.html though the partition manager, that I am familiar with is…More »
  • Ubuntu

    Not installed yetMore »
  • Apache2

    A. Apache 2 installed on Desktop Rasp A1. [sudo apt install apache2 -y] B. Get IP B1.[hostname -l =] C. Install php C1.[sudo apt install php libapache2-mod-php -y] D:Copy Website D1. [sudo su] Provide root permission D2.…More »

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