• The Beginnings

    My Toshiba Miniclick failed so I started to look for a replacement, there was still no alternative to some Chinese versions, cheap or otherwise. The minimum specs I was looking for are ~1Kg weight, CPU (quad), 8Gb RAM, 64GB SSD, removable keyboard. The…More »
  • Case & Mini HDMI

    The plug body is too large to fit in the hole in the case, made by the PiHut and so it can not sit far enough in, causing intermittent signal transfer if there's much of a vibration to the case or or workbench. Note the one for the power cable cut-away…More »
  • Heat Sink

    To be careful i bought two types of heat sink and a fan, the fan was part of the 'clear case' package. The larger of the heat sinks is called Armour and not only encloses the board but conducts heat from the three main chips, however neither of the…More »
  • The Goings On

    I have bought a second RaspberryPi 4 to be used as a server. There was an offer of a NOOBS with 128GB so I bought that. I fitted it to the Aluminium Armour I had brought previously and installed Buster OSMore »