• 02|February

    Morning Low ::12.63 | < 12.63 | < 12.39 | < 12.03     Yield :: 1.54K | 1.01K | 610 || 600 | 320 | 160

    26th February :: ML V=10.09 Y=340Wh
    25th February :: ML V=10.01 Y=250Wh
    24th February :: ML V=10.07 Y=80Wh
    23rd February :: ML V=10.02 Y=290Wh
    22nd February : ML V=10.09 Y=310Wh
    21st February :: ML V=10.01 Y=240Wh
    20th February :: ML V=9.98 Y=390Wh
    19th February :: ML V=9.91 Y=210Wh
    18th February :: ML V=10.01 Y=320Wh
    17th February :: ML V=9.98 Y=380Wh
    16th February :: ML V=10.16 Y=220Wh
    15th February :: ML V=9.98 Y=20Wh
    14th February :: ML V=10.01 Y=70Wh
    13th February :: ML V=10.16 Y=460Wh
    12th February :: ML V=10.07 Y=170Wh
    11th February :: ML V=10.32 Y=520Wh
    10th February :: ML V=10.08 Y=310Wh
    Using only one 250w panel from 13:00. The other goes to an otherwise unconnected battery.

    9th February ::: ML V=10.21 Y=50Wh
    8th February ::: ML V=10.51 Y=550Wh
    Strangeness :: Last night ~ after sunset the voltage was 12.43 with computer and router on.

    7th February ::: ML V=10.01 Y=150Wh
    6th February ::: ML V=09.94 Y=490Wh
    5th February ::: ML V=10.08 Y=510Wh
    It appears as if all the batteries have a cell shorted as they drop to 10.8 as soon as the charging stops. Very starnge3 thtr they all shorted at the same time.
    However this means I am charging at too high a rate now and have dropped the charge voltage by 2v.
    Will try and repair the batteries.

    From 5th Feb the charging voltage is 13.92 so the solar input will be low. The available power could have been more than 1Kw

    4th February ::: ML V=9.98 Y=1.06KWh
    3rd February ::: ML V=10.46 Y=120Wh
    2nd February :: ML V=10.14 Y=110Wh
    1st February ::: ML V=10.01 Y=810Wh
  • Sofware Updates

    Victron Direct

    V5.19 20th February 2020 :: Firmware 1.46
    V5.18 16th February 2020 :: Firmware 1.46
    V5.17 5th February 2020 :: Firmware 1.46
    V5.15 22nd December 2019 :: Firmware 1.46
    Update downloaded but no change
    V5.15 13th December 2019 :: Firmware 1.46
    V5.13 5th November 2019 :: Firmware 1.46
    V5.13 30th October 2019 :: Firmware 1.42
    V5.9 15th September 2019 :: Firmware 1.42
    V5.9 11th September 2019 :: Firmware 1.39
    V5.8 18th July 2019 :: Firmware 1.39
    V5.7 9th May 2019 :: Firmware 1.39 :: Manual download and install successful.
    V5.7 8th May 2019 :: Firmware 1.39 :: Download failed as a file could not be extracted from the zip
    V5.6 7th May 2019 :: Firmware 1.39
    V5.5 2nd May 2019 :: Firmware 1.39

    V5.4 9th March 2019 :: Firmware 1.39
    V5.3 12th February 2019 :: Firmware 1.39
    V5.2 on 9th January 2019 :: Firmware 1.37

    V5.1 on 5th July 2018:: Firmware 1.37
    V4.8 on 5th July 2018

  • Drills

    1. Makita Hammer drill 2 speed, variable, reversible, 750W
    2. Seem to have lost the Black and Decker Found : Oct 2019 Was at Rowena's for the last few years. Though I have it working the speed control is duff and the chuck is on it'd way out,

    3, 25th Jan 2020
    Tuai gave me his old portable drill set, though the screw-driver chuck has a broken piece in it that requires removing before it can be used.

    DHP 481 and

    Charged the two batteries, Had a bit of a time working out the LED light indicators,
    DC 18RC Makita charger

    1. Plug the battery charger into the proper AC voltage source. Charging light will flash in green color repeatedly.
    2. Insert the battery cartridge into charger until it stops adjusting to the guide of charger. Terminal cover of charger can be is opened with by inserting and closed with pulling out the battery cartridge.
    3. When the battery cartridge is inserted, the red charging light will light up and charging will begin with a preset briefmelody sound coming out for assurance as to which sound will come out to notify the completion of charging.
    4. With finish of charge, the charging light will change from red one to green one and the melody sound or buzzersound (a long beep) comes out to notify completion of charge.
    5. If you leave the battery cartridge in the charger after the charging cycle is complete, the charger will switch into its“trickle charge (maintenance charge)” mode which will last approximately 24 hours.
    6. Charging time varies by temperature (10°C (50°F) – 40°C (104°F)) that battery cartridge is charged at andconditions of the battery cartridge, such as a battery cartridge which is new or has not been used for a long periodof time. 7. After charging, remove the battery cartridge from the charger and unplug the charger from the power source

  • Batteries and Solar, Plymouth

    Exide ELTX20H 12v Li-Ion Lithium Motorcycle Battery (YTX20H)


  • Duff Battery No. 4

    Have emptied the electrolyte and fished the cells with a hose, filtered the electrolyte and replaced it.

    The battery was at 6.54V and have now connected it to a single 250w pv panel and am monitoring the voltage. There is no controller so the max current will be around 8A

  • 01|January

    Morning Low ::12.63 | < 12.63 | < 12.39 | < 12.03     Yield :: 1.54K | 1.01K | 610 || 600 | 320 | 160

    31st January :: ML V=10.15 ::: Y=80Wh
    30th January :: ML V=10.33 Y=120Wh
    29th January :: ML V=9.93 Y=900Wh
    28th January :: ML V=10.13 Y=770Wh
    27th January :: ML V=9.82 Y=170Wh
    26th January :: ML V=8.29 Y=200Wh
    25th January :: ML V=8.29 Y=40Wh
    24th January :: ML V=10.49 Y=130Wh What happened to the voltage ?? I was away all day so no usage to speak of. Was fine whne I left around 10:45 am. Some 12 hours later when I returned the system ahd shut down, the voltage being less than 11.

    In checking the batteries I noticed one was not connected Hmmm!
    Disconnecting the other two, after half an hour one was at 12.8v the other 12.3v so I reconnected only the one at 12.8v and all 'seems fine'.

    The other oddity is that the MPPT unit has recored that the batteries went to absorption after 6h 45m fort only 1 min, then went to float.

    23rd January :: ML V=12.13 Y=80Wh
    22nd January : ML V=12.30 Y=330Wh
    21st January :: ML V=12.21 Y=1.33KWh
    20th January :: ML V=12.09 Y=1.31KWh
    19th January :: ML V=11.89 Y=1.30KWh
    18th January :: ML V=12.05 Y=1.29KWh
    17th January :: ML V=12.00 Y=660Wh
    16th January :: ML V=12.15 Y=20Wh
    15th January :: ML V=11.74 Y=1.05KWh
    14th January :: ML V=11.92 Y=40Wh
    13th January :: ML V=12.09 Y=80Wh
    12th January :: ML V=11.84 Y=690Wh
    11th January :: ML V=12.03 Y=40Wh
    10th January :: ML V=11.98 Y=1.05KWh
    9th January ::: ML V=9.24 Y=230Wh
    8th January ::: ML V=7.74 Y=110Wh
    NOTE: Battery electrolyte was ??? where. I noted the Victron was reading 2v lower than the batteries so it may have been charging an an extraornidarily high rate. Maybe the digital meter's battery ??
    7th January ::: ML V=10.29 Y=30Wh
    6th January ::: ML V=12.32 Y=120Wh
    5th January ::: ML V=11.94 Y=50Wh
    4th January ::: ML V=12.24 Y=390Wh
    3rd January ::: ML V=9.45 Y=950Wh
    2nd January :: ML V=7.72 Y=80Wh
    1st January ::: ML V=10.23 Y=80Wh