• Mar & Feb 2018

    15th Mar 10:23 V=12.57 No Charge 14th Mar 10:50 V=12.65 No Charge 13th Mar 08:50 V=12.57 :: On charge for 2hrs around midday :: 18:40 V=12.87 12th Mar 08:49 V=12.58 :: No charge 11th Mar 09:45 V=12.58 :: No charge 10th Mar 09:45 V=12.60 :: No charge 9th… more »
  • 02|Feb

    1st I connected Batts (1,2 and 4) in parallel to charge and note that the voltage is decreasing to 15.34 although current is steady at 13.7A. This could mean the sulfation is breaking down and batteries are showing lower resistance.* Notable day* in… more »
  • Email to Wind and Sun

    Hi I have just bought an inverter form Wind and Sun UK, I called them for two reasons 1) to find out what current the inverter takes when it is switched off and 2) to say the manual was disappointing So 1) how does switching work as it isn't a power… more »
  • Mar & Feb 2018

    15th Mar 10:25 Morning Low 12.47 I must discover when the low reading is taken as yesterday's now reads 12.32 which was probably just before I kipped out and switched of inverter, computer and lights, but by mistake - left the rooter on all night 14th… more »
  • Load Anomalies

    27th Feb See https://disqus.com/home/discussion/victronwiki/victronconnectmanual12/newest/ The problem arose that the Load reading was incorrect and didn't seem to work. On 28th I assessed it was reading some 0.6A low so if I wasn't using much it… more »
  • Diary 2018 :: 02~Feb

    February 1st 08:40 V=12.58 :: 17:30 V=12.7 without load with comp, router and 4w LED V=12.6 2nd 02:05 V=12.71 3rd 00:40 V=12.71 ::09:20 V=12.67 :: Charging 4th 00:01 V=12.51 :: Charging 6hr >15V 5th 07:40 V=12.71 :: Charging until 12:40 BLK/ABS/Float… more »
  • Update 8th Feb

    Victron connect automatically updated to V4.3 The noticeable was the removal on the graph of absorption and float bar if they had not been implemented. more »
  • Anomalies

    Drop in voltage with constant current The usual process is for the voltage to rise with a constant current hence the idea that when a battery is highly or fully charged the voltage is regulated. Feb 7th But I have found that although the voltage is… more »