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  • May 9th Initially the controller default programme is the lowest, so I have now set it to option 4. The nominal voltage then is 14.9v and tested at 15.1 probably due to temp compensation, which has to be set. Sept 2020 I transferred Victron Direct USB… more »
  • For the workshop. 3 x REC 250w input in series to 250Ah 12v Rolls S6 145 Low temperature cut-off This setting is available when a VE.Smart network is set-up and the battery temperature is available (e.g. by for example using a Smart Battery Sense or a… more »
  • To be explained in detail more »
  • Bought Victron MPPT 150|60 from Barden UK at £460.66 to manage 3 x 250w REC pannels. 750 ÷ 12 = 62.5 :: 750 ÷ 15 = 50 more »
  • Batteries are 250Ah @20 hour rate. At 12v that's some 2.6Kw :: At 14.5v that's 3.68Kw of power to charge. If battery doesn't go below 80% then 800w should be fine or approx 1 good hour of sunshine. OR 6 hours of peddaling??? more »