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26 Jan
Today I noticed a 0.1v drop between the Victron and the batteries through 1 metre of 10mm^2 cable. At and 10A that’s a resistance of 1/100 ohm

16 Sep 2020
See: Voltage Drop which confirms the drop.

17/09/20 @ 04:35 pm

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I have just sent an email to Ian @, 0151 ~ Liverpool ~ (No flop with Klopp)

Hi Ian

This is the query about some old coils I have discovered. Maybe you could let me know what you think they were used for.

The thin steel box is some 7″ x 3″ x 3.5″ and was sealed by soldering. I have had it for some 32 years and more and it was old then. It was amongst a lot of bits and bobs when I bought an old trawler.

I opened it yesterday by cutting of the lid, slightly damaging the internals with the sparks. Still the item was wrapped and is fine.

The contents are four coils, approx. 6.9″ x 2.9″ x 0.8″

Being sealed and a box of four I thought it may be military spares.

Here’s a link to some images of it.


Roger Lovejoy

29/06/20 @ 11:55 am

In response to: Hydrometer: Durite 472

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Copy of email Mellisa sent to Les

——– Forwarded Message ——–
Subject: Hydrometer - Help required
Date: Fri, 29 May 2020 12:50:32 +0000
From: Mellisa Tricker
To: Les Dorrian
CC: roger lovejoy

Hi Les,

Please can you have a look at the link and contact Roger Lovejoy.

You helped yesterday but the customer requires some more help today please.

Tel: 01822 833398

Kind regards

Sales Coordinator

T +44 (0)1255 555 200 | E
Durite Limited, Durite Works, Valley Road, Dovercourt, Essex CO12 4RX |

29/05/20 @ 08:41 pm

In response to: Battery Choice

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Advanced NAM

Modified on: Wed, 29 Apr, 2020 at 10:13 AM

Advanced NAM is a proprietary carbon blend used in the negative plate formation of Rolls premium deep cycle flooded models.

The addition of Advanced NAM carbon additive in Rolls premium heavy-duty negative plate structure increases overall charge acceptance, offering improvements of 10-15% in charge efficiency, requiring shorter charge times and improved performance in conditions of partial state of charge (PSOC) common experienced in off-grid solar applications.

Cycle life of flooded deep cycle lead-acid batteries is affected by a variety of conditions including depth-of-discharge and proper charging. Renewable Energy installations, such as off-grid solar, often result in limited charge current and time which results in deficit cycling and reduces battery performance. With an increase in charge acceptance, Rolls flooded models with Advanced NAM will reach full state-of-charge more efficiently and frequently, maintaining charge balance across the battery bank and reducing sulfation buildup and capacity loss in situations where charge times may be limited.

• Up to 15% Quicker & More Efficient Charging
• Enhanced PSOC Performance
• Higher Capacity (~5% additional usable capacity)
• Improved Cycle Life

Note: Rolls flooded models with Advanced NAM carbon additive may see higher End Amps or Return Amps values as the cells are less resistant to charge and current output will remain slightly higher at 100% SOC. A set point of 2-5% may be used with these models. Adjustments in charge and programming may be necessary when replacing other flooded models.

08/05/20 @ 08:31 pm

In response to: Cables from Array

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The copper clamps are made of 10mm copper pipe squashed in a vice and then hammered hard to flatten better.

using vice to squash 10mm copper pipe.

The strip is then marked at 2″ intervals and a chisel and club hammer are used to cut into pieces.

prepair copper strip for cutting.

The edges of the pieces are then filed, shaped and pre drilled for the stainless screws used to fasten to the outer ‘logs’.

finshed clamps.
09/04/20 @ 09:50 pm

In response to: Drills

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DHP 481 Feb 18th
Hex head bit stuck in chuck

Makita UK :: 01908 211678

18/02/20 @ 04:15 pm

In response to: Battery Resistance

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My assertion the voltage in a cell is decreased by diluting the cell is not necessarily true.
According to the Nernst Equation:

. . .

Where Q is the reaction quotient relating [metal ion formed by oxidation][metal ion reduced]

Q can be increased by: increasing the concentration of the metal ion formed by oxidation, or by decreasing the concentration of the metal ion that is reduced. By increasing the value of Q, the magnitude of the term −RTnFln(Q) is increased. This means that a larger number is subtracted from the E0 of the cell, and that the cell voltage decreases.

Q can be decreased by: decreasing the concentration of the metal ion formed by oxidation, or by increasing the concentration of the metal ion that is reduced. By decreasing the value of Q to a fraction, the value of the term −RTnFln(Q) is made positive. This means that this term is added to the E0 of the cell, and that the cell voltage increases.

This is consistent with the Le Châtelier’s Theorem. Essentially, increasing the relative concentration of your reactants drives the reaction forward (higher ΔV), and increasing the relative concentration of your products drives the reaction backwards (lower ΔV).

26/03/19 @ 12:32 pm

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Subject: Re: Dewalt Planer D26500K
Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2018 15:14:33 +0100
From: roger
To: Phagura, Amrit


Thanks for the chat some month or so ago.

Here are some issues I have that you may be able to respond to.

Blade setup. It would be nice if they are set up when they leave the factory, or do they ’settle’ and therefore need doing before retail and then again have to be done by the user. I found it cut slightly uneven even when on zero and even after my adjustment. I laid a piece of wood across the foot to check the height and see if would move and although it didn’t move it still cut on zero. I will try and set it level on 0.1mm and see if that removes the cut on zero.

No Allen key and no indication of size so I have to fiddle around to find a fit which may not be the best and damage the hexagonal socket shape. It seems odd that one wasn’t supplied. Hardly a cost issue, so why isn’t it provided?

The Plastic foot bob gets in the way and should have an option to click it horizontal so as not to use, or removable, like the height adjuster. I’m levelling long piece before I use a No7 hand plane. As I do not want to start from the ends the foot is in the way and I have to move forward before I start to cut which is annoying.


Roger Lovejoy

28/07/18 @ 03:14 pm

In response to: General

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IUI Charging This is a recently developed charging profile used for fast charging standard flooded lead acid batteries from particular manufacturers. It is not suitable for all lead acid batteries. Initially the battery is charged at a constant (I) rate until the cell voltage reaches a preset value - normally a voltage near to that at which gassing occurs. This first part of the charging cycle is known as the bulk charge phase. When the preset voltage has been reached, the charger switches into the constant voltage (U) phase and the current drawn by the battery will gradually drop until it reaches another preset level. This second part of the cycle completes the normal charging of the battery at a slowly diminishing rate. Finally the charger switches again into the constant current mode (I) and the voltage continues to rise up to a new higher preset limit when the charger is switched off. This last phase is used to equalise the charge on the individual cells in the battery to maximise battery life.

17/05/18 @ 05:23 pm

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2018 Feb 28
Have removed Stecca as unlikely to use in current situation. Rewired Stecca load block to load block for Victron, removing the wire for the router in the Victron to add the defunct Stecca block which only feeds the 12v amp; which doesn’t seen to work. Will try later when V=12. Else try again with separate battery or try and check out amp.Amp could do with checking after many years of being ignored.

28/02/18 @ 11:01 am

In response to: New Inverter

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Feb 12th
Used for a few hours to run the amp and the battery went down to 12.26. That’s Batt3 which I thought was well charged - ti took a while to charge up on the 13th but doesn’t appear to take much load when checking how the voltage drops when it is turned on. Will try again !

13/02/18 @ 11:52 pm

In response to: 6 Nov 2014

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It now appears that
a) the batteries were not properly charged with n SG of1.25
b) Relying on the Victron indicating float as battery was fully charged when switching from absorption @ 14.5v was misleading.
c) Repeatedly doing as in 2 above over 3 years seriously undermined the batteries capacity by 90%

27/01/18 @ 06:28 pm

In response to: Stecca Pro 10|10

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November 10th, 2014
I arose at 4am on the morning of 10th Nov to read the Load Ah and the Steca records 5Ah. It is now nearly 10am and the reading is 6Ah. I suppose I can relay on the fact that the phantom use it consistent. Some 6Ah in 44hour (6000mA divided by 44 = 136mA) some 11 times the specified ‘own consumption’ of 12.5mA.

It begs the question; What is it measuring?

Clearly it is not measuring the load as I would expect.
Why would it measure it’s own consumption?
What happens to the waste power when the current is too much for the battery state? Is it measuring that?

It seems that although it is interesting, having some monitor, these questions make it a inaccurate in terms of power measurement.

I assume the Ah into the battery actually pass through the battery terminals. I say this as the Charge Ah is the same as the Load Ah, although I noticed during charging yesterday they did not keep pace and the Load Ah only caught up over night. I wonder if I disconnect the battery from the Steca will it still show the Load Ah, but then obviously not as it will have no power, but I could try it in the day.???

So is this reading an un-understandable one or is it me that is failing to understand how the Steca works?

If you think this unit is faulty please send me another and I will install it and return the current one if that is the case. Of course as you didn’t sell me the unit directly maybe you could authorise Wind and Sun to send me one.

I wonder if you actually test the unit as I do? i.e. without any load for a significant time and if you do could you please sent me your data. Better still could you please send me the data anyway

All the best

Roger Lovejoy

24/01/18 @ 09:57 pm

In response to: REC 250w Panels

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05/01/15 @ 19:27
Brain Dead second email from REC

Dear Mr. Lovejoy,

on the picture below you can see the crimping marks. Our frame is crimped and you can find the marks on all 4 corners.

REC solar panel crimped corner

Regarding the corner gap – could you please send us the pictures, how the corner gap looks like?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / best regards

Anton Babjak

My Reply

Dear Anton Babjak

It seems that you are not reading my email very well.
Maybe someone forwarded my email to you and you can’t understand that.

1. You sent me a picture of the crimped corners that I sent you? It’s a picture that I took??
The anodised frame is damaged.

2. I have not said there is a ‘corner gap’
Please read the email and look at the pictures. The gap is between the frame and the glass.


Copied to and
Kelvin at Wind and Sun

24/01/18 @ 09:23 pm

In response to: REC 250w Panels

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04/01/15 @ 14:42
My first response from REC

Dear Mr Lovejoy,
I’m sorry I haven’t received any request from you. Please send your request again.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / best regards,
Andrea Helbich
Andrea Helbich | Office Assistant | REC Solar EMEA GmbH
Leopoldstr. 175 | 80804 München | Germany
Phone +49 89 44 23 85 923 | Fax +49 89 44 23 85 999

My Reply to Andrea Helbich

Dear Andrea Helbich

Thank you for your reply. I am forwarding the email sent on 9th Dec 2014.

I had originally sent emails to,, and then found your website form luckily.

My concern is that I bought 4 REC 250PE panels from Wind and Sun (UK) early November 2014, and as I was installing them noticed that the corners were damaged. They looked as though they had been used before.

I contacted my vendor who then checked their stock; here is their reply:

Hi Roger,

I can assure you that these marks must be made during the manufacture of the solar panels as they all have them. These panels are sold with full manufacturers warranty.

Are you happy with that answer or would you like me to do something else?



It was after this that I tried to contact REC

Since then I have noticed that the glass module is embedded into the aluminium frame but there is a gap between the frame and the glass. The gap is some 5mm deep and collects water which upon freezing expands. This will inevitably lead to distortion and further widening of the gap, effecting it’s longevity and performance.

I had thought of buying alternative panels but the vendor said that although there was only a 10 year guarantee as opposed to the 12 year elsewhere, you are a good company and they have had no problem with you.

I am now wondering if I have made a serious mistake. Of course since trying to contact you for some two monhs I have noted that your company is in the process of selling to China and sadly one reason I bought form you is that you are a European company. I also note the panels are assembled in Singapore.

So you can see I am not a very happy bunny, although the panels, well the two I have installed, seem to be producing, when the sun shines.

What I would like are panels that don’t have gaps that let water in, don’t have damaged corners and that are made in Europe. Can you help me resolve these problems?

Here are some images to show

a) the damaged corners
Image displayed in main post above

b) the gap
Images displayed in main post above

This email is copied to Wind and Sun

Please visit for a chronological copy of communications regarding this.

Yours sincerely

Roger Lovejoy

24/01/18 @ 09:20 pm

In response to: REC 250w Panels

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29/11/14 @ 19:03
Just refashioned installation. Have two panels above caravan with proprietary cable to terminal block and 70A cable to Victron. 70 amp cable almost too big. Will run two in parallel once I have prop. connectors : can run two in series when overcast and late evening:

Made serious cropping of hawthorn to the south, yesterday 28th

Sun 30th One panel in parallel with old panels feeding old battery no.2. SoC on connect was 3%, at sunset 12%; 3Ah input. Current increased from 2.4A to 6.8A, only 4.4A from REC

31/12/14 @ 02:07
On 9th Dec I sent a second email to REC saying I hadn’t heard from them, now some 4 weeks later I will consider a different approach. About to send third email about crimping and adding not water tight between glass and aluminium frame

24/01/18 @ 09:17 pm