• Diary 2018 :: 01~Jan

    January 17th Using this alone 08:10 START 10:30 15.54v 9A Connected Batt 2 Yield went to 14A voltage to 15.35 10:50 15.58v 11.1A 190W 12:45 FLOAT so SET Float to 15.64 > 15.77 9.6A END 7 hours at 1A = 84W 12.13V End voltage is 12.2v at 0.4A History… more »
  • Discrepancies

    1st Feb When yield went over 1Kw there was no bar representing float. When I disconnected load and reconnected no Load current was noticed so appearing to add another amp to battery. Later again similar switching load on and off takes a while to show… more »
  • Update 8th Feb

    Victron connect automatically updated to V4.3 The noticeable was the removal on the graph of absorption and float bar if they had not been implemented. more »
  • Basic Setup

    In response to a request for help I had these views: I mentioned a number of options to alleviate your dependence on the generator. Given a spend of £600 you could buy 250W panel, 120Ah battery and a MTTP controller and peripherals. The ones I mentioned… more »
  • Cables and Resistance

    26 Jan Today I noticed a 0.1v drop between the Victron and the batteries through 1 metre of 10mm^2 cable. At and 10A that's a resistance of 1/100 ohm more »
  • Bulk Charging

    Although there are limits to what voltage can be placed across a battery to charge it is largely governed by the current that flows through the plates. Too much and they will buckle, melt or even explode. The first consideration in a Lead Acid battery… more »