• Cables and Resistance

    26 Jan Today I noticed a 0.1v drop between the Victron and the batteries through 1 metre of 10mm^2 cable. At and 10A that's a resistance of 1/100 ohm more »
  • Bulk Charging

    Although there are limits to what voltage can be placed across a battery to charge it is largely governed by the current that flows through the plates. Too much and they will buckle, melt or even explode. The first consideration in a Lead Acid battery… more »
  • Anomalies

    Drop in voltage with constant current The usual process is for the voltage to rise with a constant current hence the idea that when a battery is highly or fully charged the voltage is regulated. Feb 7th But I have found that although the voltage is… more »
  • 6 Nov 2014

    Battery Sulfation rollsbattery.com/ . . /charging-flooded-lead-acid-batteries Thursday 6th Nov 2014 On receipt of the batteries, after checking the containers were intact, I measured the voltage of each and found one at 12.83 the others at 12.88. I then… more »
  • Causes of Sulfation

    CAUSES Most cases of sulfation are caused by: UNDER CHARGING OR NEGLECT OF EQUALISING CHARGE When a cycled battery is charged repeatedly at low rates but not fully charged, the acid is not effectively driven out of the plates, particularly the lower… more »
  • Treatment

    Thorough and careful attention to the following steps often will restore a sulphated battery to good operation condition. Clean battery; Bring electrolyte level to proper height by adding water; Put battery on charge at the prescribed finishing rate… more »