• Morning Low ::12.63 | < 12.63 | < 12.39     Yield :: 1.54K | 1.01K | 610 || 600 | 320 | 160

    30th June :: ML V=12.63 :: Y=1.14KWh
    29th June :: ML V=12.69Y=1.25KWh
    28th June :: ML V=12.64Y=1.82KWh
    27th June :: ML V=12.71Y=1.69KWh
    26th June :: ML V=12.64Y=1.19KWh
    25th June :: ML V=12.64Y=1.25KWh
    24th June :: ML V=12.71Y=1.10KWh :: No plates showing and topped up with some .6Lt overall.
    23rd June :: ML V=12.71Y=570Wh :: Check electrolyte
    22nd June :: ML V=12.66Y=1.78KWh :: Check electrolyte
    21st June :: ML V=12.65Y=1.63KWh :: Check electrolyte
    20th June :: ML V=12.67Y=1.14KWh :: Check electrolyte
    19th June :: ML V=12.67Y=890Wh :: Check electrolyte
    18th June :: ML V=12.66Y=600Wh :: Check electrolyte
    17th June :: ML V=12.71Y=1.18KWh :: Check electrolyte
    16th June :: ML V=12.75Y=820Wh
    15th June :: ML V=12.48Y=1.47KWh
    14th June :: ML V=12.69Y=1.31KWh
    13th June :: ML V=12.70Y=460Wh
    12th June :: ML V=12.71Y=370Wh
    11th June :: ML V=12.67Y=410Wh
    10th June :: ML V=12.67Y=1.04KWh
    9th June :: ML V=12.69Y=1.24KWh
    8th June :: ML V=12.51Y=1.26KWh
    7th June :: ML V=12.62Y=660Wh
    6th June :: ML V=12.62Y=1.62KWh
    5th June :: ML V=12.63Y=1.10KWh
    4th June :: ML V=12.63Y=510Wh
    3rd June :: ML V=12.64Y=790Wh
    2nd June :: ML V=12.67Y=690Wh
    1st June :: ML V=12.70Y=1.52KWh

  • Morning Low ::12.63 | < 12.63 | < 12.39     Yield :: 1.54K | 1.01K | 610 || 600 | 320 | 160

    31st May :: ML V=12.77   Y=1.23KWh :: Checked electrolyte no uncovered cells and used less than 2 LT
    30th May :: ML V=12.7?Y=940Wh :: 12.77 Check electrolyte
    29th May :: ML V=12.70Y=450Wh :: 12.77 Check electrolyte
    28th May :: ML V=12.77Y=1.33KWh :: 12.77 Check electrolyte
    27th May :: ML V=12.71Y=1.20KWh :: 12.77 Check electrolyte
    26th May :: ML V=12.77Y=580Wh :: 12.77 Check electrolyte
    25th May :: ML V=12.72Y=1.18KWh
    24th May :: ML V=12.64Y=1.15KWh
    23rd May :: ML V=12.75Y=1.26KWh
    22nd May : ML V=12.75Y=490Wh
    21st May :: ML V=12.74Y=510Wh
    20th May :: ML V=12.58Y=1.52KWh
    19th May :: ML V=12.66Y=1.56KWh
    18th May :: ML V=12.63Y=820Wh
    17th May :: ML V=12.66Y=720Wh
    16th May :: ML V=12.64Y=1.59KWh
    15th May :: ML V=12.62Y=1.90KWh
    14th May :: ML V=12.64Y=1.93KWh
    13th May :: ML V=12.66Y=1.94KWh
    12th May :: ML V=12.59Y=1.69KWh
    11th May :: ML V=12.57Y=1.64KWh
    10th May : ML V=12.64Y=1.71KWh
    9th May :: ML V=12.59Y=1.34KWh
    8th May :: ML V=12.59Y=1.09KWh
    7th May :: ML V=12.58Y=1.26KWh
    6th May :: ML V=12.58Y=1.52KWh
    5th May :: ML V=12.66Y=1.56KWh
    4th May :: ML V=12.43Y=1.70KWh
    3rd May :: ML V=12.60Y=1.07KWh
    2nd May : ML V=12.39Y=940Wh
    1st May :: ML V=12.66Y=570Wh

  • Morning Low ::12.63 | < 12.63 | < 12.39     Yield :: 1.54K | 1.01K | 610 || 600 | 320 | 160

    30th April :: ML V=12.86 Y=870Wh Given ML @ 12.86 checked electrolyte, just caught a few cells used about 2Lt and turned charge down to 15/14

    29th April :: ML V=12.79Y=780Wh Given ML @ 12.79 better check electrolyte.
    27th Y = 1770 Use =160 | 28th ML =12.61
    28th Y = 710 Use = 60 | 29th ML = 12.79
    29th Y =780 Use =50 | 30th ML =12.86

    28th April :: ML V=12.61Y=710Wh
    27th April :: ML V=12.64Y=1.77KWh
    26th April :: ML V=12.79Y=590Wh Given ML @ 12.79 better check electrolyte
    25th April :: ML V=12.66Y=1.39KWh
    24th April :: ML V=12.67Y=790Wh
    23rd April :: ML V=12.71Y=1.20KWh
    22nd April : ML V=12.63Y=1.58KWh
    21st April :: ML V=12.64Y=1.90KWh
    20th April :: ML V=12.67Y=1.87KWh
    19th April :: ML V=12.64Y=1.85KWh
    18th April :: ML V=12.65Y=1.68KWh
    17th April :: ML V=12.64Y=1.34KWh
    16th April :: ML V=12.41Y=800Wh
    15th April :: ML V=12.59Y=880Wh
    14th April :: ML V=12.63Y=820Wh
    13th April :: ML V=12.64Y=1.01KWh
    12th April :: ML V=12.83Y=1.21KWh Battery 3 plates were exposed. Reduce charge voltage
    100ml average battery cell top up.

    11th April :: ML V=12.83Y=2.04KWh Given ML @ 12.83 better check electrolyte
    10th April :: ML V=12.71Y=1.62KWh
    9th April :: ML V=12.74Y=740Wh
    8th April :: ML V=12.59Y=1.55KWh Low ML due to fridge being on yesterday !?
    7th April :: ML V=12.79Y=1.14KWh
    6th April :: ML V=12.78Y=1.74KWh
    5th April :: ML V=12.78Y=540Wh
    4th April :: ML V=12.62Y=920Wh
    3rd April :: ML V=12.64Y=1.45KWh
    2nd April : ML V=12.72Y=1.15KWh Only one solar panel connected until 10am GMT
    1st April :: ML V=12.60Y=1.39KWh Only one solar panel connected today

  • Morning Low ::12.63 | < 12.63 | < 12.39     Yield :: 1.54K | 1.01K | 610 || 600 | 320 | 160

    31st March :: ML V=12.60   Y=1.92KWh
    30th March :: ML V=12.64Y=1.73KWh
    29th March :: ML V=12.54Y=1.87KWh
    28th March :: ML V=12.58Y=1.79KWh
    27th March :: ML V=12.64Y=1.90KWh
    26th March :: ML V=12.59Y=2.02KWh
    25th March :: ML V=12.51Y=1.73KWh
    24th March :: ML V=12.50Y=1.75KWh
    23rd March :: ML V=12.51Y=360Wh
    22nd March : ML V=12.51Y=600Wh
    21st March :: ML V=12.52Y=350Wh
    20th March :: ML V=12.52Y=460Wh
    19th March :: ML V=12.69Y=1.27KWh
    Checked battery electrolyte level and all plates were covered. Added approx 2.2Lt 90ml per cell
    The ML drops : see https://unveiled.info/solect/specific-gravity-1

    18th March :: ML V=12.78 :: Y=560Wh Given ML of 12.78 will check battery electrolyte level
    17th March :: ML V=12.51Y=1.32KWh
    16th March :: ML V=12.58Y=220Wh
    15th March :: ML V=12.66Y=280Wh
    14th March :: ML V=12.51Y=460Wh
    13th March :: ML V=12.39Y=1.36KWh Incubator lamp all night
    12th March :: ML V=12.44Y=610Wh Incubator lamp all night
    11th March :: ML V=12.44Y=1.41KWh Incubator lamp all night and day
    10th March :: ML V=12.43Y=1.21KWh Incubator lamp all night
    9th March :: ML V=12.47Y=670Wh Incubator lamp all night
    8th March :: ML V=12.44Y=440Wh Incubator lamp all night
    7th March :: ML V=12.47Y=1.35KWh Incubator lamp all night
    6th March :: ML V=12.36Y=430Wh Incubator lamp all night
    5th March :: ML V=12.48Y=510Wh Incubator lamp all night
    4th March :: ML V=12.30Y=840Wh Incubator lamp all night
    3rd March :: ML V=12.48Y=190Wh
    2nd March :: ML V=12.62Y=460Wh
    1st March :: ML V=12.50Y=890Wh

  • For lead Acid Batteries

    There are two processes where the battery resistance will change.

    a) The normal operation of charging a battery will increase it's resistance, whilst removing sulfation, and the resistance will drop as sulfation occurs. This follows the formula that V=I × R.
    With a constant current (I) the battery charges the voltage (V) rises. Is simple terms as an equation must balance then if one side increases then so must the other. So if V rises then I &times R must also rise and of I is constant then R must rise. The reverse is the case when the battery discharges.

    b) Although sulfation and de-sulfation are the normal reactions in a lead acid battery sulfation can become ingrained and not subject to being processed by normal charging. In this case the battery appears charged and has a high resistance. To overcome this, or at least to try to, a high voltage can be applied in an attempt to force the sulfate to return to the electrolyte.

  • A lead acid battery will have a ration of sulfuric acid and water as the electrolyte. The process of charging forces any sulfate from the battery plates back to the electrolyte which increases it's specific gravity. The specific gravity of pure water is set at 1. By dissolving substances in water makes if heavier per volume. The common amount of acid brings electrolyte specific gravity (SG) to 1.128 approx.

    Measuring the SG with a hydrometer can show if the acid is in the plates and they are sulphated.

    The two times this would occur is a) in the normal process of discharging and b) in the longer term build up of sulphated plates that do not respond to a normal charge and the battery is termed 'sulphated'

    The SG will also vary on the level of electrolyte as the water evaporates. As water evaporates the SG increase along with ration of acid to water. Adding water will lower the SG and show the battery is not as fully charged as it may seemed when the electrolyte was lower than the designed level.