• MPPT 75|15 (1)

    Rolls Batteries : : REC 250W Panels : : Victron 75|15(2) S.N. HQ141168 MRR Emailed this to Wind and Sun Surprised to see no LED on the Victron when I returned today at 6pm. When I left yesterday at 1pm it was registering a float charge to two Rolls… more »
  • Stecca Pro 10|10

  • REC 250w Panels

    The 250w panels are 165cm x 99cm 1.6335m^2 so efficiency at 1000watts per m^2 is 15.3% (250 divided by 1634) I am a bit put out by the physical size and have thought I probably only needed one not 4 ?? Initially I set up a single panel to charge one of… more »
  • Morning Star 75|15

  • 14th Day

    Morning Batt 1 voltage before sun rise is picking up 12.48 today. Some 200W yield but half that used. Connected Batt 2 for an hour (15:15 -16.15) just to keep it ticking for a while. more »
  • 13th Day

    09:35 Batt 1 on absorption at 15.72V 6.3A Connected Batt 2 both on absorption at 14.15V 7A (variable with cloud) 12:10 Yield 400W :: Charging at 15.7V 13.5A 12:40 With cloud and rain yield is 4W. With router still onload drawing 0.35A 0A is keeping Batt… more »