• Morning Star 75|15

  • 14th Day

    Morning Batt 1 voltage before sun rise is picking up 12.48 today. Some 200W yield but half that used. Connected Batt 2 for an hour (15:15 -16.15) just to keep it ticking for a while.

  • 13th Day

    **09:35** Batt 1 on absorption at 15.72V 6.3A
    Connected Batt 2 both on absorption at 14.15V 7A (variable with cloud)
    **12:10** Yield 400W :: Charging at 15.7V 13.5A
    **12:40** With cloud and rain yield is 4W. With router still onload drawing 0.35A 0A is keeping Batt 1 at 13.55v
    **17:30** Yield 600W

  • Specific Gravity Batt 3

    After collecting from the dogs at PBC put it on charge at Gavin's overnight. before that voltage =12.68
    **18th Jan** SG from neg to pos [1.310][1.310][1.320][1.320][1.315][1.310]

  • 12th Day

    **18th Jan** Battery 1 still connected
    **10:45** Yield by c,lock number reached 284W but clock dial can only reach a max of 260W before end of scale.Yield by table can only record a max of 245W
    **10:55** Connected Batt 2 as reached absorption at 15.6v Absorption set to 15.4 seems stable at 237W 15.56v and 13.35A
    **11:32** Absorption voltage creeping up (15.58) amps dropping 12.8 ~ (expected)

    **16:45** Returned as sun is setting no charge, Volts at 13.02 with router on all day. On leaving consumption was 40W now it is 90W Router uses 6W/h so I can account for 30W ??? Disconnected Batt 2

    **Query** 1 What drop initiates new bulk charge

  • 1st Day :: Initiating VE Direct

    **8th Jan 2018**
    OK have it up and running with the following queries/problems:
    1. Extrapolate settings for January and February weather (6°) https://calstock.org.uk/elf.php/2018/01/07/batteries-2018 from Rolls' table (0 to 10&Deg;)
    * User interface doesn't fit screen?
    * Live charging voltage reading is 0.25v higher than those set as limiters
    * Maximum voltage reading states 12.48 whereas I had reading of 13.5 for an hour
    * Load output with computer, router and two LED's (4 and 7) watts reads only 1.2A was expecting nearer 3A
    * **18:00** Updated Victron Connect to V4.2

    See comments for later dates