• Sofware Updates

    [strong]Victron Direct[/strong]
    V5.7 9th May 2019 :: Firmware 1.39 :: Manual download and install successful.
    V5.7 8th May 2019 :: Firmware 1.39 :: Download failed as a file could not be extracted from the zip
    V5.6 7th May 2019 :: Firmware 1.39
    V5.5 2nd May 2019 :: Firmware 1.39

    V5.4 9th March 2019 :: Firmware 1.39
    V5.3 12th February 2019 :: Firmware 1.39
    V5.2 on 9th January 2019 :: Firmware 1.37

    V5.1 on 5th July 2018:: Firmware 1.37
    V4.8 on 5th July 2018

  • Battery Resistance

    For lead Acid Batteries

    There are two processes where the battery resistance will change.

    a) The normal operation of charging a battery will increase it's resistance, whilst removing sulfation, and the resistance will drop as sulfation occurs. This follows the formula that V=I × R.
    With a constant current (I) the battery charges the voltage (V) rises. Is simple terms as an equation must balance then if one side increases then so must the other. So if V rises then I &times R must also rise and of I is constant then R must rise. The reverse is the case when the battery discharges.

    b) Although sulfation and de-sulfation are the normal reactions in a lead acid battery sulfation can become ingrained and not subject to being processed by normal charging. In this case the battery appears charged and has a high resistance. To overcome this, or at least to try to, a high voltage can be applied in an attempt to force the sulfate to return to the electrolyte.

  • Specific Gravity

    A lead acid battery will have a ration of sulfuric acid and water as the electrolyte. The process of charging forces any sulfate from the battery plates back to the electrolyte which increases it's specific gravity. The specific gravity of pure water is set at 1. By dissolving substances in water makes if heavier per volume. The common amount of acid brings electrolyte specific gravity (SG) to 1.128 approx.

    Measuring the SG with a hydrometer can show if the acid is in the plates and they are sulphated.

    The two times this would occur is a) in the normal process of discharging and b) in the longer term build up of sulphated plates that do not respond to a normal charge and the battery is termed 'sulphated'

    The SG will also vary on the level of electrolyte as the water evaporates. As water evaporates the SG increase along with ration of acid to water. Adding water will lower the SG and show the battery is not as fully charged as it may seemed when the electrolyte was lower than the designed level.

  • 02|February

    ML>12.69 or Y>1.23K | ML<12.63 or Y<320 | ML<12.39 or Y<199

    28th February :: ML V=12.52 :: Y=520Wh
    27th February :: ML V=12.55 :: Y=1.79KWh
    26th February :: ML V=12.52 :: Y=1.80KWh
    25th February :: ML V=12.38 :: Y=1.74KWh Left router on all night ??
    24th February :: ML V=12.54 :: Y=1.58KWh
    23rd February :: ML V=12.50 :: Y=1.46KWh
    22nd February :: ML V=12.50 :: Y=1.23KWh
    21st February :: ML V=12.52 :: Y=1.18KWh
    20th February :: ML V=12.52 :: Y=360Wh
    19th February :: ML V=12.37 :: Y=930Wh
    18th February :: ML V=12.51 :: Y=1.02KWh
    17th February :: ML V=12.44 :: Y=530Wh
    16th February :: ML V=12.48 :: Y=150Wh
    15th February :: ML V=12.44 :: Y=980Wh
    14th February :: ML V=12.56 :: Y=1.58KWh
    **After 9 weeks topped up batteries:** None of the plates were exposed but did use the best part of 5Lt
    **EQUALIZING**By setting Absorption and Float to 16v
    **EQUALIZING**Although ABS set at 15.64 which was reached around 9:30am by 13:00 v has dropped to <15.4 though set at 16v. Again I am inclined to consider resistance is dropping and undoing some of the sulfation
    13th February :: ML V=12.51 :: Y=670Wh
    Although I reset the mppt after midnight it created two records by 09:20 so I reset it again and noted the ML and consumption
    12th February :: ML V=12.64 :: Y=220Wh
    Updates and Firmware updates were carried out between 16:30 and 16: 50 and there was no recorded yield since.
    The values in both columns headed today and yesterday are those of the 12th. I will be resetting the datafile soon to avoid visual errors.

    11th February :: ML V=12.64 :: Y=610Wh
    10th February :: ML V=12.43:: Y=830Wh
    9th February :: ML V=12.43:: Y=550Wh
    8th February :: ML V=12.52:: Y=160Wh
    7th February :: ML V=12.50:: Y=760Wh
    6th February :: ML V=12.63:: Y=750Wh
    5th February :: ML V=12.63 :: Y=100KWh
    4th February :: ML V=12.65 :: Y=560Wh
    3rd February :: ML V=12.54 :: Y=890Wh
    2nd February :: ML V=12.67 :: Y=1.17KWh
    1st February :: ML V=12.62 :: Y=410Wh
  • 01|January

    ML>12.69 or Y>1.23K | ML<12.63 or Y<320 | ML<12.39 or Y<199

    31st January :: ML V=12.55 :: Y=60Wh
    30th January :: ML V=12.51 :: Y=940Wh
    29th January :: ML V=12.55 :: Y=100Wh
    28th January :: ML V=12.56 :: Y=870Wh
    27th January :: ML V=12.62 :: Y=700Kw
    26th January :: ML V=12.51 :: Y=160Wh
    25th January :: ML V=12.60 :: y=460Wh
    24th January :: ML V=12.60 :: Y=130Wh
    23rd January :: ML V=12.48 :: Y=570Wh
    22nd January :: ML V=12.64 :: y=170Wh
    21st January :: ML V=12.54 :: Y=570Wh
    20th January :: ML V=12.60 :: Y=450Wh
    19th January :: ML V=12.39 :: Y=720Wh
    18th January :: ML V=12.48 :: Y=40Wh
    17th January :: ML V=12.46 :: Y=1.10KWh
    16th January :: ML V=12.52 :: Y=200Wh
    15th January :: ML V=12.52 :: Y=220Wh
    14th January :: ML V=12.52 :: Y=230Wh
    13th January :: ML V=12.52 :: Y=280Wh
    12th January :: ML V=12.56 :: Y=190Wh
    11th January :: ML V=12.55 :: Y=250Wh
    10th January :: ML V=12.46 :: Y=750Wh
    9th January :: ML V=12.48 :: Y=1.25KWh
    8th January :: ML V=12.42 :: Y=700Wh
    7th January :: ML V=12.39 :: Y=160Wh
    6th January :: ML V=12.54 :: Y=60Wh
    5th January :: ML V=12.55 :: Y=180Wh
    4th January :: ML V=12.39 :: Y=570Wh
    3rd January :: ML V=12.43 :: Y=110Wh
    2nd January :: ML V=12.48 :: Y=400Wh
    1st January :: ML V=12.30 :: Y=460Wh
  • 12|December

    If ML<12.63 or Y<320 then background is        
    If ML<12.36 or Y<199 then background is        

    31st December :: ML V=12.32 :: Y=50Wh
    30th December :: ML V=12.36 :: Y=120Wh
    29th December :: ML V=12.39 :: Y=60Wh
    28th December :: ML V=12.55 :: Y=120Wh
    27th December :: ML V=12.40 :: Y=800Wh
    26th December :: ML V=12.31 :: Y=400Wh
    25th December :: ML V=12.34 :: Y=80Wh
    24th December :: ML V=12.40 :: Y=70Wh
    23rd December :: ML V=12.46 :: Y=80Wh
    22nd December :: ML V=12.39 :: Y=430Wh
    21st December :: ML V=12.48 :: Y=80Wh
    20th December :: ML V=12.48 :: Y=490Wh
    19th December :: ML V=12.40 :: Y=430Wh
    18th December :: ML V=12.39 :: Y=10Wh !!!!!!!!
    17th December :: ML V=12.30 :: Y=250Wh
    16th December :: ML V=12.50 :: Y=60Wh
    15th December :: ML V=12.52 :: Y=20Wh !!!!!!!!
    14th December :: ML V=12.23 :: Y=220Wh
    13th December :: ML V=12.43 :: Y=90Wh
    12th December :: ML V=12.48 :: Y=100Wh
    11th December :: ML V=12.48 :: Y=140Wh
    10th December :: ML V=12.51 :: Y=420Wh
    9th December :: ML V=12.51 :: Y=730Wh
    8th December :: ML V=12.52 :: Y=70Wh
    7th December :: ML V=10.01 :: Y=690Wh
    6th December :: ML V=11.30 :: Y=30Wh !!!!!!!!
    **After 12 weeks topped up batteries:** Topped up is not the right word as all cells were bad. Hardly a few had fluid above plates and many needed over 200ml added. Luckily it had rained !_O_!
    5th December :: ML V=12.54 :: Y=30Wh
    4th December :: ML V=12.74 :: Y=220Wh
    3rd December :: ML V=12.51 :: Y=480Wh
    2nd December :: ML V=12.48 :: Y=60Wh
    1st December :: ML V=12.64 :: Y=100Wh