• After collecting from the dogs at PBC put it on charge at Gavin's overnight. before that voltage =12.68
    **18th Jan** SG from neg to pos [1.310][1.310][1.320][1.320][1.315][1.310]

  • **18th Jan** Battery 1 still connected
    **10:45** Yield by c,lock number reached 284W but clock dial can only reach a max of 260W before end of scale.Yield by table can only record a max of 245W
    **10:55** Connected Batt 2 as reached absorption at 15.6v Absorption set to 15.4 seems stable at 237W 15.56v and 13.35A
    **11:32** Absorption voltage creeping up (15.58) amps dropping 12.8 ~ (expected)

    **16:45** Returned as sun is setting no charge, Volts at 13.02 with router on all day. On leaving consumption was 40W now it is 90W Router uses 6W/h so I can account for 30W ??? Disconnected Batt 2

    **Query** 1 What drop initiates new bulk charge

  • **8th Jan 2018**
    OK have it up and running with the following queries/problems:
    1. Extrapolate settings for January and February weather (6°) https://calstock.org.uk/elf.php/2018/01/07/batteries-2018 from Rolls' table (0 to 10&Deg;)
    * User interface doesn't fit screen?
    * Live charging voltage reading is 0.25v higher than those set as limiters
    * Maximum voltage reading states 12.48 whereas I had reading of 13.5 for an hour
    * Load output with computer, router and two LED's (4 and 7) watts reads only 1.2A was expecting nearer 3A
    * **18:00** Updated Victron Connect to V4.2

    See comments for later dates

  • **16th Jan**
    **16:45** 400W input. Disconnected Batt 2 At 17:00 running 1.2A from Batt 1, voltage is 12.28 ??. Will check voltage of bat 1 & 2 in morning.

    *How SG at 1.29 with such low voltage?*

  • **14th Jan**
    **10:30** battery was on Absorption at 15.67 volts though set Victron to 15.4 with a max current of 10A.

    Absorption time was exactly 2 hours, probably some dumb AI as the voltage and current would not have been consistently that high.

    Then on float at 14.4 though set to 14.15. Float uses 1A into 240Ah batteries ????

    **13:40** Having checked specific gravity, water level and temp I've increased the float voltage to 14.64 (VD measure at 14.91) This has increased the current from 1A to 1.5A (average per battery)

    **14:30** Clouds: Battery voltage 14.44 so gone to bulk charge. Have reset Float voltage to 14.05 Current is 1A (0.5 per battery): Disabled equalisation as it's useless at this time.

    **16:42** Sun setting and grey no charge from panels. Voltage gone down to 12.35. That the voltage is this low after appearing to have fully charged batteries at 14.4v. Implication that the voltage is high due to resistance not level of charge. **This may have been the continuing problem?**

    **20:56** Voltage at 12.31. This al least may mean that although the capacity is low and the charge resistance high it is notably better in having only dropped 0.04v in 4 hours.

  • **10 Jan**
    910W into batteries 1,2 1nd 3 Batt 4 at 81%

    **11 Jan**
    930W into batteries 1,2 1nd 3 Batt 4 at 94%
    Overrode float voltage for 2 hours to get 15v into battery

    Batteries hardly warm to the touch