• Old ELF setup

    2014 Fri 7th I connected one panel, via the Steca Controller, to one old battery. Used it as load battery and measure a use of 10Ah total. Could see from the Steca the Asus 900 uses 1 amp Sat 8th Since then I have 2 old 50w panels connected via the… more »
  • Hydrometers Intro

    I have ended up buying two hydrometers. I first called Plymouth Battery Centre who informed me they had a glass model at £19 which I thought was a bit expensive so when I went to town I thought I'd look around before I took the mile or more walk to… more »
  • Battery Resistance

    For lead Acid Batteries There are two processes where the battery resistance will change. a) The normal operation of charging a battery will increase it's resistance, whilst removing sulfation, and the resistance will drop as sulfation occurs. This… more »
  • Specific Gravity

    A lead acid battery will have a ration of sulfuric acid and water as the electrolyte. The process of charging forces any sulfate from the battery plates back to the electrolyte which increases it's specific gravity. The specific gravity of pure water is… more »
  • 02|February

    ML>12.69 or Y>1.23K | ML<12.63 or Y<320 | ML<12.39 or Y<199 28th February :: ML V=12.52 :: Y=520Wh 27th February :: ML V=12.55 :: Y=1.79KWh 26th February :: ML V=12.52 :: Y=1.80KWh 25th February :: ML V=12.38 :: Y=1.74KWh Left router… more »
  • 01|January

    ML>12.69 or Y>1.23K | ML<12.63 or Y<320 | ML<12.39 or Y<199 31st January :: ML V=12.55 :: Y=60Wh 30th January :: ML V=12.51 :: Y=940Wh 29th January :: ML V=12.55 :: Y=100Wh 28th January :: ML V=12.56 :: Y=870Wh 27th January :: ML… more »