• 06|June

    30th June :: ML V=12.87 :: Y=1.76KWh 29th June :: ML V=12.91 Will add view on this high value, due to lack of use or more likely charging routine. :: Y=1.74KWh 28th June :: ML V=12.75 :: Y=1.71KWh 27th June :: ML V=12.70 :: Y=1.63KWh 26th June :: ML… more »
  • Batt 3 Diary

    Feb 5th On charge for 36hours off before that for two days on before that for two days. Feb 10th Brought back from Gavin's after two days of charge V=12.63 Feb 11th 09:50 On charge at 15V ±but frequent heavy cloud :: Charged all day 1.03Kw/3 Feb… more »
  • Mar & Feb 2018

    15th Mar 10:23 V=12.57 No Charge 14th Mar 10:50 V=12.65 No Charge 13th Mar 08:50 V=12.57 :: On charge for 2hrs around midday :: 18:40 V=12.87 12th Mar 08:49 V=12.58 :: No charge 11th Mar 09:45 V=12.58 :: No charge 10th Mar 09:45 V=12.60 :: No charge 9th… more »
  • 8 Jan 2018

    Jan 8th Grey day and only 13.5v at 14:45 into 2 batteries from 2 panels. Received Victron cable and is working, see http://unveiled.info/index.php/solect/victron/vicdir4/initiating-ve-direct More useful would be the VBS-MPPT100/30 BlueSolar MPPT… more »
  • 02|Feb

    1st I connected Batts (1,2 and 4) in parallel to charge and note that the voltage is decreasing to 15.34 although current is steady at 13.7A. This could mean the sulfation is breaking down and batteries are showing lower resistance.* Notable day* in… more »
  • Drills

    Makita Hammer drill 2 speed, variable, reversible, 750W Seem to have lost the Black and Decker ????? more »