• Angle Grinders

    9" Makita 2.5Kw 4.5" Black and Decker Pro 700w more »
  • MFF 80 Electric Plane

    In the process of cleaning to see if it is usable. Have three seized bearings, allk dif sizes, one has paper package with labelling: 0760245 000 0000 BEARING D931814 Q 1 The 9 could be an 8 more »
  • 05|May

    31st May :: ML V=12.71 :: Y=900Wh 30th May :: ML V=12.64 :: Y=430Wh 29th May :: ML V=12.65 :: Y=660Wh Away from midday Fri 25 until 07:00BST 28th. Set Abs to 15.14 and Flt to 13.92 and left router and camera on 28th May :: ML V=12.52 :: Y=1.48KWh 27th… more »
  • Float or End of Charge

    From: http://rollsbattery.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/RollsBatteryManual.pdf Float When the Absorption charge is completed, the batteries require a certain amount of voltage to maintain a full charge when no load is applied. This Float voltage… more »
  • Temperature whilst Charging

    Chemical reaction is slow at lower temperatures and so a higher voltage will be required to charge. See first post under charging: http://unveiled.info/index.php/solect/charging/ more »
  • 04|April

    30th April :: ML V=12.69 :: No load over night ABS for 1h 29th April :: ML V=12.51 28th April :: ML V=12.54 :: ABS for 2h although as low as 14.6 sometimes ?? 27th April :: ML V=12.60 :: ABS for 1h 26th April :: ML V=12.46 :: ABS for 1h 14m 25th April… more »