• Battery Power & Charging

    An obvious thought is that a larger battery requires a larger charge. First however it is important to note that apart from common usage applied to AA and AAA batteries, for example, the word means a collection of units working together, as in a battery… more »
  • 07|July

    31st July :: ML V=12.75 :: Y=1.46KWh 30th July :: ML V=12.79 :: Y=590Wh 29th July :: ML V=12.55 ??? :: Y=500Wh 28th July :: ML V=12.74 :: Y=1.06KWh 27th July :: ML V=12.55 ??? :: Y=770Wh 26th July :: ML V=12.68 :: Y=1.50KWh 25th July :: ML V=12.64 ::… more »
  • DeWalt Planer

    Bought D26500K for £199.95 to level and match 100mm joist beams From D&M Tools, Twickenham. 02088923813 (Lee) Made in Czech Republic DeWalt 01753 567055 of Stanley Black and Decker Email about Blade setup No Allen key and not indication of size so I… more »
  • 06|June

    30th June :: ML V=12.87 :: Y=1.76KWh 29th June :: ML V=12.91 Will add view on this high value, due to lack of use or more likely charging routine. :: Y=1.74KWh 28th June :: ML V=12.75 :: Y=1.71KWh 27th June :: ML V=12.70 :: Y=1.63KWh 26th June :: ML… more »
  • Batt 3 Diary

    Feb 5th On charge for 36hours off before that for two days on before that for two days. Feb 10th Brought back from Gavin's after two days of charge V=12.63 Feb 11th 09:50 On charge at 15V ±but frequent heavy cloud :: Charged all day 1.03Kw/3 Feb… more »
  • Mar & Feb 2018

    15th Mar 10:23 V=12.57 No Charge 14th Mar 10:50 V=12.65 No Charge 13th Mar 08:50 V=12.57 :: On charge for 2hrs around midday :: 18:40 V=12.87 12th Mar 08:49 V=12.58 :: No charge 11th Mar 09:45 V=12.58 :: No charge 10th Mar 09:45 V=12.60 :: No charge 9th… more »