• 8 Jan 2018

    Jan 8th Grey day and only 13.5v at 14:45 into 2 batteries from 2 panels. Received Victron cable and is working, see http://unveiled.info/index.php/solect/victron/vicdir4/initiating-ve-direct More useful would be the VBS-MPPT100/30 BlueSolar MPPT… more »
  • 02|Feb

    1st I connected Batts (1,2 and 4) in parallel to charge and note that the voltage is decreasing to 15.34 although current is steady at 13.7A. This could mean the sulfation is breaking down and batteries are showing lower resistance.* Notable day* in… more »
  • Angle Grinders

    9" Makita 2.5Kw 4.5" Black and Decker Pro 700w more »
  • MFF 80 Electric Plane

    In the process of cleaning to see if it is usable. Have three seized bearings, allk dif sizes, one has paper package with labelling: 0760245 000 0000 BEARING D931814 Q 1 The 9 could be an 8 more »
  • 05|May

    31st May :: ML V=12.71 :: Y=900Wh 30th May :: ML V=12.64 :: Y=430Wh 29th May :: ML V=12.65 :: Y=660Wh Away from midday Fri 25 until 07:00BST 28th. Set Abs to 15.14 and Flt to 13.92 and left router and camera on 28th May :: ML V=12.52 :: Y=1.48KWh 27th… more »
  • Float or End of Charge

    From: http://rollsbattery.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/RollsBatteryManual.pdf Float When the Absorption charge is completed, the batteries require a certain amount of voltage to maintain a full charge when no load is applied. This Float voltage… more »