• Specifications
    Weight 32 kg 70.5lbs
    Length 25.9 cm 10.19″
    Width 18.1 cm 7.13″
    Height Inc. Term. 29 cm 11.4″

    @ 100 Hour Rate 320 AH
    @ 20 Hour Rate 250 AH 12.5 A

    http://barden-uk.com/product/rolls-s6-145-6v-series-4000-battery/ £193.49

    http://www.windandsun.co.uk/products/Batteries/Lead-Acid-Batteries/Rolls-Batteries#6001 £157.09 + VAT = £188.41

  • Morning Low ::12.63 | < 12.63 | < 12.39 | < 12.03     Yield :: 610 | 600 | 450 | 320 | 190 | 90

    Morning Low is the higher value of max and min shown before new daily charge.
    Yield values, after March, are lower as using only one 250w panel
    Yield is actually the amount of power used and includes P : Power Tools | F : Fridge

    30th April : ML V=12.64   Y=230Wh
    29th April : ML V=12.67Y=240Wh

    28th April : ML V=12.55Y=150Wh ML is low as inverter was on till dusk: Yield is low as a dull day: Electrolyte OK

    27th April : ML V=12.78Y=220Wh

    26th April : ML V=12.64Y=590Wh   ML 12.64 and Higher at 12.67  P  F

    25th April : ML V=12.69Y=640Wh   ML 12.69 and Higher at 12.71  F

    24th April : ML V=12.71Y=470Wh   ML 12.71 and Higher at 12.74  P  F

    23rd April : ML V=12.73Y=450Wh   ML 12.73 and Lower at 12.68  F

    22nd April  ML V=12.81Y=550Wh   ML 12.81 and Lower at 12.79  P  F

    21st April : ML V=12.71Y=410Wh There was a high of 12.72 during the night  F

    20th April : ML V=12.81Y=880Wh   ML 12.81 and Lower at 12.78 There was a high of 12.82 during the night  F

    19th April : ML V=12.55Y=640Wh   ML 12.55 and Lower at 12.53   P  F
    ML of 12.55 is due, probably, to using power tools late in the day and battery didn't get enough charge.

    18th April : ML V=12.63Y=470Wh   ML 12.63 and Lower at 12.60  P  F
    17th April : ML V=12.78Y=310Wh   ML 12.78 and Lower at 12.74  P  F
    16th April : ML V=12.70Y=490Wh   ML 12.70 and Lower at 12.67  F
    15th April : ML V=12.60Y=760Wh  Given the low usage of 90w I am surprised the ML is as low as 12.60 given other evenings where the use has been higher yet with an ML over 12.7 &nbps;P  F

    14th April : ML V=12.64Y=130Wh  Given the low usage of 60w I am surprised the ML is as low as 12.64 given other evenings where the use has been higher yet with an Ml over 12.7 So maybe the switch to ABS and FT are too soon ?  Y  little daytime use so battery charged early.

    13th April : ML V=12.55Y=90Wh ML left computer on charge overnight.  Y no daytime use so battery charged.
    12th April : ML V=12.75Y=420Wh  F  ML 12.75 and Lower at 12.73
    11th April : ML V=12.67Y=510Wh  P  ML 12.70 and Lower at 12.66
    10th April : ML V=12.70Y=240Wh  P  ML 12.70 and Lower at 12.67
    9th April ::: ML V=12.79Y=240Wh  P  ML 12.79 and Higher at 12.82
    8th April ::: ML V=12.76Y=130Wh ML 12.76 and Higher at 12.78 whilst actual voltage at 05:20 was 12.77 Much warmer this morning.

    7th April ::: ML V=12.71Y=370Wh ML 12.71 and Higher at 12.75 Y=370 used Power Tools [PWT]
    6th April ::: ML V=12.79Y=270Wh ML 12.79 and Higher at 12.82
    The above noted anomalies may be due to a drop in temperature overnight of about 20°C

    5th April ::: ML V=12.56Y=450Wh ML left computer charging over night ! Y Used electric plane.
    4th April ::: ML V=12.67Y=260Wh
    3rd April ::: ML V=12.68Y=280Wh
    2nd April :: ML V=12.63Y=230Wh
    1st April ::: ML V=12.67Y=230Wh

  • https://www.alpha-batteries.co.uk/j250g-trojan-deep-cycle-battery/
    £189.99 Including VAT & Standard Delivery

    Not maintenace free ??
    Weight 60Kg ??
    Amp Hr date 235 ?? 20 or 100

  • http://www.windandsun.co.uk/ | 01568 720364
    info@windandsun.co.uk | James Ford <James@windandsun.co.uk>

    I've had contact with Wind and Sun from the late 80's when I first researched suppliers for a wind generator and solar panels. The panels eventually came direct from BP and have lasted well except for physical damage. So I felt it was time to honour the contact when |I wanted a new setup. All the current one is from them (solar panels and cables, batteries and controllers) I hate to call the Victron Blue Solar MPPT a charger as it falls far short being based on the vagrancies of sunlight. More on that on the Victron critique.