• 03|March

    31st All 4 Morning Low 12.78V UL V=12.5 30th All 4 :: 00:55 V=12.67 Morning Low 12.84V 10:30GMT V=12.48 29th All 4 :: Morning Low 12.90V 15:45 Float V=14.05 A=1 28th All 4 :: Morning Low 12.91V Y=280Wh So 280 didn't keep the Voltage at 12.91? more »
  • March 18

    14:50 Automatic update to version 4.4 and MPPT firmware to 1.3 The update created an anomaly in that the restart created a new day and thereby pushed back all the history by a day. So I have saved the data and cleared the history. So today's history is… more »
  • Mar & Feb 2018

    15th Mar 10:25 Morning Low 12.47 I must discover when the low reading is taken as yesterday's now reads 12.32 which was probably just before I kipped out and switched of inverter, computer and lights, but by mistake - left the rooter on all night 14th… more »
  • Load Anomalies

    27th Feb See https://disqus.com/home/discussion/victronwiki/victronconnectmanual12/newest/ The problem arose that the Load reading was incorrect and didn't seem to work. On 28th I assessed it was reading some 0.6A low so if I wasn't using much it… more »
  • Absorption Time

    The most important part of the charge cycle is the absorption charge. Since the bulk charge only recharges the battery bank to an 70-80% level, the absorption charge completes the charging cycle. If the absorption charge is not completed fully a part of… more »
  • Basic configuration

    The Electric Control brings together the inputs from solar panels via terminal, where adjustments can be made, to charge controllers that feed the batteries. The main update for 2018 is the terminal blocks that allow the solar panels to be connected… more »