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    The Relion range is made in the USA :: UK URL is https://www.relionbattery.co.uk/contact.php

    RB 100 £799

  • To be explained in detail

  • Bought Victron MPPT 150|60 from Barden UK at £460.66 to manage 3 x 250w REC pannels.
    750 ÷ 12 = 62.5 :: 750 ÷ 15 = 50

  • Batteries are 250Ah @20 hour rate. At 12v that's some 2.6Kw :: At 14.5v that's 3.68Kw of power to charge.

    If battery doesn't go below 80% then 800w should be fine or approx 1 good hour of sunshine. OR 6 hours of peddaling???

  • 2014

    Fri 7th I connected one panel, via the Steca Controller, to one old battery. Used it as load battery and measure a use of 10Ah total.

    Could see from the Steca the Asus 900 uses 1 amp

    Sat 8th Since then I have 2 old 50w panels connected via the Steca to one old battery. The other old battery I have topped up with water, which was a bit iffy as it was a sealed battery. The six cells needed about a litre so hardly surprising it/they were almost unrechargeable.

    That battery as end of day on the 9th was rated as 52% charged, by the next morning is was 48%

    Switched old battery. Bat I received 25Ah charge via Steca and was at 80% when disconnected.

    Connected two old panels and one new REC max charge rate was 4.4 of 6.8 generated? Will fill with water tomorrow.

    Bat 2, filled with water 2 week ago, was at 3% charged at connect. It rose to 12% at sunset, 15% by 2100 hours and 18% now at midnight. 19% at 0100 How ??????

    At 0900 theSoC reads 23%??? and now at 1200 the sun is up but it is overcast 0.6A charge, 12.8v Soc 25%

    Tue 2nd Dec 1140 Soc 54%

    Jan 1st 2015 Soc 61% however the battery seems to be discharging quite rapidly down from 80% two days ago. I should check there are blocking diodes in the each of the two panels.

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    Subject: Re: FE1012U or FE1024U
    Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2007 11:23:28 +0000
    From: James Wright james @futurenergy.co.uk
    To: Roger Lovejoy
    CC: Sandra Shirley sandra @futurenergy.co.uk

    Hello Roger,

    What you are saying is correct but we have never tested this and therefore have no data. One thing to bear in mind however is that running higher voltage PMG on a lower voltage will reduce the available output power. The PMG's are available separately in 12, 24 and 48 Volt versions. Unfortunately the studs cannot be removed without voiding the warranty on the PMG.

    I don't know if you have already seen this on our FAQ's page :-

    Q: Would your Permanent Magnet Generators be suitable for a bicycle power generator? At a cadence of 100 and a gearing ratio of 52:11 I can generate about 473 RPMs but I think I can only sustain about 200 watts for a reasonable period of time. I'm looking to put in a solar and wind power plant with an additional bicycle charger, to run lighting and small appliances. This type of generator seems ideally suited but I'm wondering if you have a smaller version?
    A: In reply to the question, the answer is yes. The potential buyer hasn't indicated what voltage of batteries he intends to use the generators to charge. If it's 24V then he would only require a 52:20 ratio to get the 200W output or so he desires. It would be easy to change the ratio to suit the desired output power requirements. It's not practical to expect to use a 'person' powered generator to produce any more than 100W or so. Even a pro' cyclist could only produce 400W peak power for a short burst, so he is being practical in his calculations. Any of the 4 PMG's would be an ideal generator for this type of application, as it has a large 'flywheel' effect when in use, which would feel smoother than a smaller generator, which may be very difficult to obtain.

    Hope this is of use.


    James Wright

    On 7 Dec 2007, at 00:23, Roger Lovejoy wrote:

    Hello James.

    I can't quite remember the lady I spoke to yesterday **** Shirley, she gave me your email address.

    I am thinking of using a 24 volt version to charge a 12v system a) as I thought it may produce 12v at a lower rev/min than the 12v as I would like to run it from a pedal/cycle system.
    1 pedal a second with 4:1 gearing so 240 revs/ min.

    Plus the 24 does seem to produce more power at high speeds, how's that?

    Do you have data on the voltage produced for the models rather than the cut in speeds.

    I notice you sell the PMG separately but don't say which or if you sell 12 and 24 versions etc.

    and finally as I want to fit a 12 tooth cog.gear, is there a simple way of removing the 5 studs, rather than it the cog outside the studs which will increase the bending effect on the axle.

    Thank you

    Roger Lovejoy

    Thank you

    FE1012U 12V Turbine Spec + Power Curve
    FE1024U 24V Turbine Spec + Power Curve