• Morning Low ::12.63 | < 12.63 | < 12.39 | < 12.03     Yield :: 1.54K | 1.01K | 610 || 600 | 320 | 160

    31st January :: ML V=10.15 ::: Y=80Wh
    30th January :: ML V=10.33 Y=120Wh
    29th January :: ML V=9.93 Y=900Wh
    28th January :: ML V=10.13 Y=770Wh
    27th January :: ML V=9.82 Y=170Wh
    26th January :: ML V=8.29 Y=200Wh
    25th January :: ML V=8.29 Y=40Wh
    24th January :: ML V=10.49 Y=130Wh What happened to the voltage ?? I was away all day so no usage to speak of. Was fine whne I left around 10:45 am. Some 12 hours later when I returned the system ahd shut down, the voltage being less than 11.

    In checking the batteries I noticed one was not connected Hmmm!
    Disconnecting the other two, after half an hour one was at 12.8v the other 12.3v so I reconnected only the one at 12.8v and all 'seems fine'.

    The other oddity is that the MPPT unit has recored that the batteries went to absorption after 6h 45m fort only 1 min, then went to float.

    23rd January :: ML V=12.13 Y=80Wh
    22nd January : ML V=12.30 Y=330Wh
    21st January :: ML V=12.21 Y=1.33KWh
    20th January :: ML V=12.09 Y=1.31KWh
    19th January :: ML V=11.89 Y=1.30KWh
    18th January :: ML V=12.05 Y=1.29KWh
    17th January :: ML V=12.00 Y=660Wh
    16th January :: ML V=12.15 Y=20Wh
    15th January :: ML V=11.74 Y=1.05KWh
    14th January :: ML V=11.92 Y=40Wh
    13th January :: ML V=12.09 Y=80Wh
    12th January :: ML V=11.84 Y=690Wh
    11th January :: ML V=12.03 Y=40Wh
    10th January :: ML V=11.98 Y=1.05KWh
    9th January ::: ML V=9.24 Y=230Wh
    8th January ::: ML V=7.74 Y=110Wh
    NOTE: Battery electrolyte was ??? where. I noted the Victron was reading 2v lower than the batteries so it may have been charging an an extraornidarily high rate. Maybe the digital meter's battery ??
    7th January ::: ML V=10.29 Y=30Wh
    6th January ::: ML V=12.32 Y=120Wh
    5th January ::: ML V=11.94 Y=50Wh
    4th January ::: ML V=12.24 Y=390Wh
    3rd January ::: ML V=9.45 Y=950Wh
    2nd January :: ML V=7.72 Y=80Wh
    1st January ::: ML V=10.23 Y=80Wh

  • Morning Low ::12.63 | < 12.63 | < 12.39 | < 12.03     Yield :: 1.54K | 1.01K | 610 || 600 | 320 | 160

    31st March : ML V=12.70   Y=330Wh Removed a solar panel mid afternoon, so only one 250w input.

    30th March : ML V=12.64Y=310Wh
    29th March : ML V=12.59Y=410Wh
    28th March : ML V=12.65Y=510Wh High yield as used electric plane.
    27th March : ML V=12.60Y=160Wh Low yield as power not used during day.
    26th March : ML V=12.60Y=???Wh
    25th March : ML V=12.70Y=220Wh
    24th March : ML V=12.74Y=340Wh Used angle grinder so yield is higher.
    23rd March : ML V=12.84Y=240Wh
    22nd March :ML V=12.68Y=560Wh Used angle grinder so yield is higher.
    21st March : ML V=12.82Y=210Wh
    20th March : ML V=12.63Y=300Wh
    Reset VD as it had started new day before mdnight, this brought the ML upto 12.63 ~could have been higher?

    19th March : ML V=12.40Y=290Wh
    Strange that the ML is low @ 12.4 and there was 20watts usage overnight

    18th March : ML V=12.75Y=160Wh
    Must check electrolyte again.
    Notable is that the ML is high yet the yeils is only 30w or so about the useage

    17th March : ML V=12.40Y=180Wh
    Left router on all night :(

    16th March : ML V=12.60Y=160Wh
    Although to ML voltage was 12.6 the record shows it was 12.32 when switched off last night and now I have loaded with comp, router and led it is 12.24.
    Yield of only 160w but battery was on abs for 2h and float for 8hr
    May adjust the abs time span

    15th March : ML V=12.70Y=240Wh

    Though the last two days yield has been below 320w the 41Ah battery is fully charged with some 145w usage. Maybe smaller batteries is the key.

    14th March : ML V=12.72Y=220Wh
    ML V =12.72 Check elecrtolyte levels.
    All cell were covered but added aprox 32ml of rain water to each.

    13th March : ML V=12.55Y=290Wh
    12th March : ML V=12.64Y=360Wh
    11th March : ML V=12.56Y=420Wh
    10th March : ML V=9.99Y=160Wh
    13:20 Changed Battery ~ removed last of Rolls 125AH and temp using a 41AH car battery that Gavin lent me.

    9th March ::: ML V=10.03Y=380Wh
    8th March ::: ML V=10.13Y=350Wh
    7th March ::: ML V=10.01Y=380Wh
    6th March ::: ML V=10.20Y=440Wh
    5th March ::: ML V=10.01Y=310Wh
    4th March ::: ML V=9.97Y=340Wh
    3rd March ::: ML V=10.13Y=360Wh
    2nd March :: ML V=10.12Y=430Wh
    1st March ::: ML V=10.01Y=440Wh

  • Lead Carbon

    Made in China

  • Lead Carbon also madein China

    Subject: RE: battery maunfacturers
    Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2020 13:52:21 +0000
    From: jklumpenaar@victronenergy.com


    In general all our products are designed in The Netherlands and manufactured in Asian countries due to cost price reasons.

    You can ask such questions to your supplier, they see the country of origin on the invoice they receive from us.

    The SuperPack is made in China , mainly Chinese technology, only to be used in small 12V systems.

    The normal Lithium batteries LiFePO4 we offer in 12 and 24 Volt are also manufactured in China, the cells are Chinese lithium cells, we design the balancing system in the battery and the external Ve-Bus BMS you need to use them with our products.

    Keep in mind that most of the Lithium cells used in the world come from China, they are the best it looks.

    Country of Origin can be manipulated a bit by buying the cells from China and completing the product in another country.

    Our 12 and 24v Lithium LiFePO4 can only be used for 12 or 24v applications, for 48v Lithium to be used with our products we recommend third party Lithium batteries like BYD and other brands mentioned on our website.

    With best regards,

    Jan Klumpenaar, Sales Manager

  • Morning Low ::12.63 | < 12.63 | < 12.39 | < 12.03     Yield :: 1.54K | 1.01K | 610 || 600 | 320 | 160

    29th February :: ML V=9.98 ::: Y=500Wh
    28th February :: ML V=9.98 Y=70Wh
    27th February :: ML V=10.13 Y=400Wh
    26th February :: ML V=10.09 Y=340Wh
    25th February :: ML V=10.01 Y=250Wh
    24th February :: ML V=10.07 Y=80Wh
    23rd February :: ML V=10.02 Y=290Wh
    22nd February : ML V=10.09 Y=310Wh
    21st February :: ML V=10.01 Y=240Wh
    20th February :: ML V=9.98 Y=390Wh
    19th February :: ML V=9.91 Y=210Wh
    18th February :: ML V=10.01 Y=320Wh
    17th February :: ML V=9.98 Y=380Wh
    16th February :: ML V=10.16 Y=220Wh
    15th February :: ML V=9.98 Y=20Wh
    14th February :: ML V=10.01 Y=70Wh
    13th February :: ML V=10.16 Y=460Wh
    12th February :: ML V=10.07 Y=170Wh
    11th February :: ML V=10.32 Y=520Wh
    10th February :: ML V=10.08 Y=310Wh
    Using only one 250w panel from 13:00. The other goes to an otherwise unconnected battery.

    9th February ::: ML V=10.21 Y=50Wh
    8th February ::: ML V=10.51 Y=550Wh
    Strangeness :: Last night ~ after sunset the voltage was 12.43 with computer and router on.

    7th February ::: ML V=10.01 Y=150Wh
    6th February ::: ML V=09.94 Y=490Wh
    5th February ::: ML V=10.08 Y=510Wh
    It appears as if all the batteries have a cell shorted as they drop to 10.8 as soon as the charging stops. Very starnge3 thtr they all shorted at the same time.
    However this means I am charging at too high a rate now and have dropped the charge voltage by 2v.
    Will try and repair the batteries.

    From 5th Feb the charging voltage is 13.92 so the solar input will be low. The available power could have been more than 1Kw

    4th February ::: ML V=9.98 Y=1.06KWh
    3rd February ::: ML V=10.46 Y=120Wh
    2nd February :: ML V=10.14 Y=110Wh
    1st February ::: ML V=10.01 Y=810Wh