• The three sizes I am interested in are: Data, prices and links as of June 2020

    2 x 4mm2 x 6mm2 x 10mm
    Rated Amps303951
    OD in mm9.611.814.5
    Loss mV/A/m127.84.6
    Cost £/m 2.413.414.33

    For more detail and other sizes see H07RN-F Data Sheet from ukcables.co.uk

  • Probably not a lot of noteable acitivity in the box, but it is the object of speculation. The lid being only 7" x 3" with a depth of some 3 and 3/8ths. It weights some 6lb 10oz (3Kg). The content seems to be a block that can move a little vertically but there is no detecteble movement, by hand, horizontally.

    uncanny steel box
    Sealed steel box

    The box has been sealed by what looks like solder and what would be important enough to seal from the air. Including the steel box that appears to be a maximum of 1/16" thick the density is (weight / volume) = 3Kg ÷ 1.14Lt = 2.63.

    The density is to hight for paper money or any sort of biological matter. Most metals have a higher density and why would a piece of metal be so contained?

    Well after some 32 years or more maybe it's time to open the bow, by grinding off the lid edges.

    uncanny steel box
    Sealed steel box item uncovered

    uncanny steel box
    Sealed steel box item removed

    uncanny steel box
    Sealed steel box item exposed

  • Morning Low ::12.63 | < 12.63 | < 12.39 | < 12.03     Yield :: 900 | 540 | 230 | 100 | 90

    Morning Low is the voltage before any charge or use, if I'm up, else it is the lower value of max and min.

    Yield is the power used including power via the inverter. ~  I  Indicates Inverter Use (Fridge + +)

    31st May : ML V=12.67   Y=970Wh   I 
    30th May : ML V=12.71Y=990Wh   I 
    29th May : ML V=12.71Y=1.02KWh   I 
    28th May : ML V=12.78Y=940Wh   I 
    27th May : ML V=12.74Y=900Wh   I 
    26th May : ML V=12.81Y=870Wh   I 
    25th May : ML V=12.70Y=710Wh   I 
    24th May : ML V=12.70Y=600Wh   I 
    23rd May : ML V=12.74Y=550Wh   I 
    22nd May: ML V=12.84Y=60Wh Low yield as the battery is near capacity and little daytime load.
    21st May : ML V=12.74Y=760Wh   I 
    20th May : ML V=12.74Y=750Wh   I 
    19th May : ML V=12.77Y=330Wh   I 
    18th May : ML V=12.71Y=820Wh   I 
    17th May : ML V=12.75Y=770Wh   I 
    16th May : ML V=12.76Y=370Wh   I 
    15th May : ML V=12.72Y=860Wh   I 
    14th May : ML V=12.78Y=810Wh   I 
    13th May : ML V=12.59Y=620Wh   I  Install invoked equalisation at 15.94v with a max 4.8A for 4 hours
    12th May The Rolls S12 27 specific gravity just before installation around sunset was:
    1: 1.260 | 2: 1.265 | 3: 1.250 | 4: 1.250 | 5: 1.245 | 6: 1.250

    Yield :: 610 | 600 | 450 | 320 | 190 | 90   P : Power Tools | F : Fridge

    12th May : ML V=12.59Y=960Wh  F
    Have swapped battery from Gavin's 41Ah to the new Rolls S12 27 so will be setting a new MPPT profile. 22Kw have been yeilded to the 41Ah since ???

    11th May : ML V=12.63Y=790Wh  F
    10th May : ML V=12.67Y=440Wh  F
    9th May ::: ML V=12.72Y=700Wh  F

    8th May ::: ML V=12.83Y=390Wh Inverter downgraded from Victron 1200w > SkyTronic 300w so no more power tool usage.  F

    7th May ::: ML V=12.59Y=590Wh   ML 12.59 ?? The only reason I can think of is that the battery only went to float very late as I had the inverter on all day. This means that the ABS/FLT settings do not readily bring it to 100%  P  F   Also controller was reset later in the day as I disconnected to remove the inverter.

    6th May ::: ML V=12.60Y=770Wh   ML 12.60 ??  F
    5th May ::: ML V=12.63Y=200Wh
    4th May ::: ML V=12.67Y=540Wh  F
    3rd May ::: ML V=12.67Y=200Wh
    2nd May :: ML V=12.74Y=500Wh  F
    1st May ::: ML V=12.63Y=290Wh

  • Yesterday I spoke to Les at Durite about my concerns and today 29th May spoke to Mellisa who is sending an email to Les with directions to this page.

    a) there is difficulty in viewing the thermometer liquid, being red doesn't help as that is also the background colour of the container shedding red light eveyrwhere. It appears as though the thermometer is skewed by some 20 to 30 degrees. It can't be adjusted :(

    b) After my earlier conversation I noted the scale is high by about 2 points, to resolve that I cut a small strip off the removable scale insert to set it lower.

    Here are images of the issue a)

    1. I slipped a small peice of a plastic bag behind the thermometer to contrast the background and block any red relfection. You can see the red liquid is just about visible when looking directly at it.

    2. When viewing from the right about 30° the liquid is clearly visible.

    3. With the scale reinserted and looking at it straight on

    4. With scale inserted and looking from 20°

  • Durite 472 (May 2020)

    Durite Precision Hydrometer with thermometer.
    Set in adapted Vintage Port wooden box.

    For more detail see: hydrometer-durite472