• Cable or Wire: The tendency is to think of cable as large diameter and wire as small, but there is no definition.

    Here I'll use Cables for Electrics and Wire for Electronics. Although I intend to use the term cable, in using or refering to third party data cable may not be their preffered term. Further the term 'wiring' is used predominantly when installing electric power cables for buildings etc.

    The beginings of elctrical power system is the power source which, presently, in this case are three 250w photovoltaic panels connected in series giving around 110v with a max current of 9 amps. The array of panels is connected to an MPPT control unit by standard PV1-F 4 cabling that can carry 55 amps up to 60°C in open air.

    For more detail on PV1-F cables and temperture co-efficents see.
    Eland Data Sheet

  • Have extended the cooper strip to a piece of copper pipe some 4 to 5 feet of which is burried in a shallow channel that is used for rain overflow, to help conduction. The copper strip can be seen @ https://unveiled.info/solect/cables-from-panels; the PV frames need to be connected to the top strip along the roof batten

    May 4th Finished, a bit roughly, joining the copper strip parts together and the strip to the ground pipe.

    ground pipe joint
    ground pipe to copper conductor
    copper conductor lower joint
    copper conductor upper joint
    grounding pipe

  • LiFEPo4

    The Relion range is made in the USA :: UK URL is https://www.relionbattery.co.uk/contact.php

    RB 100 £799

  • To be explained in detail

  • Bought Victron MPPT 150|60 from Barden UK at £460.66 to manage 3 x 250w REC pannels.
    750 ÷ 12 = 62.5 :: 750 ÷ 15 = 50

  • Batteries are 250Ah @20 hour rate. At 12v that's some 2.6Kw :: At 14.5v that's 3.68Kw of power to charge.

    If battery doesn't go below 80% then 800w should be fine or approx 1 good hour of sunshine. OR 6 hours of peddaling???