Cables and Wires

  • H07RN-F Data

    The three sizes I am interested in are: Data, prices and links as of June 2020 2 x 4mm 2 x 6mm 2 x 10mm Rated Amps 30 39 51 OD in mm 9.6 11.8 14.5 Loss mV/A/m 12 7.8 4.6 Cost £/m 2.41 3.41 4.33 For more detail and other sizes see H07RN-F Data Sheet from…More »
  • Terminology

    Cable or Wire: The tendency is to think of cable as large diameter and wire as small, but there is no definition. Here I'll use Cables for Electrics and Wire for Electronics. Although I intend to use the term cable, in using or refering to third party…More »