Installation: Caravan

  • Cables and Resistance

    26 Jan Today I noticed a 0.1v drop between the Victron and the batteries through 1 metre of 10mm^2 cable. At and 10A that's a resistance of 1/100 ohmMore »
  • Caravan Batteries

  • Electric Distribution in Caravan

    The Electric Control brings together the inputs from solar panels via terminal, where adjustments can be made, to charge controllers that feed the batteries. The main update for 2018 is the terminal blocks that allow the solar panels to be connected…More »
  • Old Caravan Settings

    2014 Fri 7th I connected one panel, via the Steca Controller, to one old battery. Used it as load battery and measure a use of 10Ah total. Could see from the Steca the Asus 900 uses 1 amp Sat 8th Since then I have 2 old 50w panels connected via the…More »