• Avoiding Sulfation

    . . . Rolls recommends a 3-phase charge cycle (Bulk, Absorption & Float) and a charge rate equal to 10% of the C20 (20 hr AH rating) of the battery bank. . . Battery Salvation . . . The battery should be charged from an outside source at 2.6 to… more »
  • Causes of Sulfation

    CAUSES Most cases of sulfation are caused by: UNDER CHARGING OR NEGLECT OF EQUALISING CHARGE When a cycled battery is charged repeatedly at low rates but not fully charged, the acid is not effectively driven out of the plates, particularly the lower… more »
  • Deficit Cycling

    This is a copy of info at Deficit Cycling Modified on: Tue, 26 Aug, 2014 at 4:22 PM Rolls batteries have been designed to provide many cycles and therefore long life. This… more »
  • Specific Gravity as an indicator

    The SG quantifies the amount of Sulfuric Acid (H<sub>2</sub>SO<sub>4)</sub> to the water (H<sub>2</sub>O) in the battery electrolyte. Water has an SG of 1 so anything higher indicates some solvent. The next time your… more »
  • Treatment

    Thorough and careful attention to the following steps often will restore a sulphated battery to good operation condition. Clean battery; Bring electrolyte level to proper height by adding water; Put battery on charge at the prescribed finishing rate… more »