Installation: Workshop

  • 12 Volt System

  • 230 Volts A.C.

  • Batteries

  • Cables from Array

    7th April. Just attached the cables to the roof of the workshop by first fixing an upright to one of the purlins and then a batten from that to one of the rails. The attachement to the rails is just ~ wedged under. The wood is Siberian Larch left over…More »
  • Earth Grounding

    Have extended the cooper strip to a piece of copper pipe some 4 to 5 feet of which is burried in a shallow channel that is used for rain overflow, to help conduction. The copper strip can be seen @; the PV…More »
  • Internal Earthing

    Run a 6mm copper bar via a terminal block from the inner wall to the outer. Have yet to connect the rod to the external earth. 6mm rod held of from wall by paduk block. July 4th Have used old stiff 7 strand 3mm earth wire and connected MPPT, Battery and…More »
  • MPPT 150|60 Set-Up

    May 9th Initially the controller default programme is the lowest, so I have now set it to option 4. The nominal voltage then is 14.9v and tested at 15.1 probably due to temp compensation, which has to be set. Sept 2020 I transferred Victron Direct USB…More »
  • Power Generation

    Batteries are 250Ah @20 hour rate. At 12v that's some 2.6Kw :: At 14.5v that's 3.68Kw of power to charge. If battery doesn't go below 80% then 800w should be fine or approx 1 good hour of sunshine. OR 6 hours of peddaling???More »