Battery 3

  • Batt 3 Diary

    **Feb 5th**
    On charge for 36hours off before that for two days on before that for two days.
    **Feb 10th** Brought back from Gavin's after two days of charge V=12.63
    **Feb 11th** 09:50 On charge at 15V ±but frequent heavy cloud :: Charged all day 1.03Kw/3
    **Feb 12th** 08:52 On charge Abs 15.62
    **Feb 13th** 00:10 V=12.26 :: 09:47 :: No load V=12.51 :: 09:53 On charge V=13.9
    **Feb 14th** 01:00 V=12.78 :: 10:46 :: No load V=12.73 :: 21:00 V=12.69

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  • Plymouth Battery Center test

    **14th -16th Jan 2018**
    I've just been informed that Batt3 was so poor it could not even work the discharge unit, it was subsequently charged and discharged and I was told it now has 25% capacity. It is being charged again and I should pick it up this Thursday 18th

    My attempt to remedy will be to charge at 15.9v until the battery is hand hot on a good day seeing the charge current at 6amps for say 6 hours. This may have to be done four or five times to get 120Ah into a battery. Rolls states that 125&Deg; F or 51°C is enough and if batteries reach that they need to be disconnected. This is around a temperate where it would be uncomfortable to leave the hand for a minute.

    **12th January**
    Took batteries 3 & 4 to Plymouth Battery Centre who left a message on 13th that both are heavily sulphated.

  • Specific Gravity Batt 3

    After collecting from the dogs at PBC put it on charge at Gavin's overnight. before that voltage =12.68
    **18th Jan** SG from neg to pos [1.310][1.310][1.320][1.320][1.315][1.310]