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    **Update: 3rd January 2017**
    Bought Victron Direct USB cable. See

    **Update: 5th June 2016**
    Making sense of charging algorithms: ::See Comment 4


    Received second Victron but I've little desire to install it as part of a second installation or as a replacement for the original unit although its fuse has blown twice.

    **19th Dec 2014 2300 hours**

    Have decided to install the new Victron as ongoing problems with the original. This one seems fine in that the green LED is on constant as specified in the manual. Also both load and battery voltages are the same unlike the one removed which finally led to its removal.

    The installation now is two 250w REC panels connected in parallel via one Victron 75|15 to two Rolls 120Ah batteries also connected in parallel.


    **20th Dec 2014 1100 hours**

    Sadly on arising late today I noticed the green LED is flashing. So let me summarise the problems to date.

    **The smell**
    This second unit smells once out of the box. I put this down to poor manufacturing process where the resin mixed has left a lot of volatile gases exuding, which wiil undoubtedly become more prevalent as it warms under full working conditions.

    I doubt Jaggat at Victron is aware of such so his advise me to return it as a consequence of smell may be based on poor assumptions on his part, however given his reluctance to discuss my concerns in depth it is not surprising.

    **The green LED**
    So now this second unit has a flashing LED when according to the manual it shouldn't, another matter Jaggat was unwilling to investigate.

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    **21st Dec 2014**
    Just got home after leaving at 1515 yesterday and the greenLED is still flashing. So apart from the time when I connected it on Thursday until the next morning I haven't noticed a second when it isn't flashing and to remind those who are interested, the manual states that a green flashing LED indicates the unit is on BatteryLife algorithm, which according to the bridge it is not.
    **14:15** greenLED still flashing

    **22nd Dec 2014**
    **14:00:**both LEDs still flashing and as the sky has been overcast for some six days I understand the yellowLED is flashing twice a second indicating the unit is channelling maximum charge to the batteries. The greenLED should be constant.

    **23rd Dec 2014**
    **14:00:**both LEDs still flashing

    **24th Dec 2014**
    **21:00 yesterday:** power went off, as voltage dropped to 11.8
    **14:00 yesterday:** power restored as voltage reached 13.7 not 14 as specified.
    **15:00 yesterday:** with voltage at 13.6 and plenty of sun I decided to use another computer that is set up to print. It requires a dc-dc converter from 12v to 20v. When I plugged it in all power went off but came on again as I immediately unplugged it. Clearly the voltage hadn't dropped to 11.8 a) as it was unlikely given the sun and previous voltage reading and charge and also if it was due to low voltage then it would not have come back on until voltage was higher.

    There was little option but to try it again and the same happened.

    I decide to try a third time but not to unplug it immediately the power went off, and it came back on with the converter working.

    Have a few ideas and may post them later, but it is worth noting that I had used this power unit on the first Victron without such an event, which is working as it should and what is the function in each that responded respectively?

  • Cables and Resistance

    **26 Jan**
    Today I noticed a 0.1v drop between the Victron and the batteries through 1 metre of 10mm^2 cable. At and 10A that's a resistance of 1/100 ohm

  • MPPT 75|15 (1)

    S.N. HQ141168 MRR

    Emailed this to Wind and Sun

    >Surprised to see no LED on the Victron when I returned today at 6pm. When I left yesterday at 1pm it was registering a float charge to two Rolls 120Ah batteries that I had just connected in parallel. See [b]comment 1 on[/b]
    >I soon discovered the 20A fuse had blown. I can not understand why. The Victron may well control the voltage and current but it cannot take much more than 8A from the panels. It may voltage adjust internally the 30+ voltage to 15 or less and have the ability to pass 16A to the battery but why it has channelled over 20A through itself is a mystery. I am about to email the vendors.
    >I have repaired the fuse and all seems fine. The power light has been flashing since indicating the Battery Life algorithm is being run.
    >I note, according to the manual, the only situation where the fuse should blow is when the battery is connected with reverse polarity.

    and this to Victron

    >On 6th Nov I bought
    > a Victron 75 | 15
    > an REC 250w panel of 60 cells (nominal: volts 30.2; amps 8.3) (max open volts 37.4) (short circuit 8.86 amps)
    > and two Rolls 120Ah batteries.
    >On 12th Nov I connected the two batteries in parallel, so have 240Ah at 12v. The batteries are fully charged so when I connected them to the Victron and then the PV after 1 minute the yellow LED stayed on showing only a float charge. An hour or two later, around 1pm, I went out for the day and the weather was quite sunny
    >I returned home this overcast and rainy day, 13th Nov at 6pm, to find to my surprise and disappointment, no LED light on the Victron. I discovered the fuse had blow. Once replaced all is fine.
    >Could you tell me what may have happened?
    >Thank you.
    >Roger Lovejoy
    Cornwall, UK

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    Firmware update: 23rd Nov 2018 Version 1.37
    Serial No. HQ14113V1AZ

    Victron MPPT 75|15
    Victron MPPT 75|15

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