Victron Connect V4.2

  • 12th Day

    18th Jan Battery 1 still connected 10:45 Yield by c,lock number reached 284W but clock dial can only reach a max of 260W before end of scale.Yield by table can only record a max of 245W 10:55 Connected Batt 2 as reached absorption at 15.6v Absorption…More »
  • 13th Day

    09:35 Batt 1 on absorption at 15.72V 6.3A Connected Batt 2 both on absorption at 14.15V 7A (variable with cloud) 12:10 Yield 400W :: Charging at 15.7V 13.5A 12:40 With cloud and rain yield is 4W. With router still onload drawing 0.35A 0A is keeping Batt…More »
  • 14th Day

    Morning Batt 1 voltage before sun rise is picking up 12.48 today. Some 200W yield but half that used. Connected Batt 2 for an hour (15:15 -16.15) just to keep it ticking for a while.More »
  • 1st Day :: Initiating VE Direct

    8th Jan 2018 OK have it up and running with the following queries/problems: Extrapolate settings for January and February weather (6°) from Rolls' table (0 to 10&Deg;) User interface…More »
  • 2nd Day Problems

    9th Jan Grey day so few photons. The problem I have is the inconsistent readings so see these screen shots taken from 15:13 over the next 6 minutes. The figures in the first image do not equate to those earlier in the day when I monitored. Then the max…More »
  • 3rd & 4th Days

    10 Jan 910W into batteries 1,2 1nd 3 Batt 4 at 81% 11 Jan 930W into batteries 1,2 1nd 3 Batt 4 at 94% Overrode float voltage for 2 hours to get 15v into battery Batteries hardly warm to the touchMore »
  • 7th Day

    14th Jan 10:30 battery was on Absorption at 15.67 volts though set Victron to 15.4 with a max current of 10A. Absorption time was exactly 2 hours, probably some dumb AI as the voltage and current would not have been consistently that high. Then on float…More »
  • 9th Day

    16th Jan 16:45 400W input. Disconnected Batt 2 At 17:00 running 1.2A from Batt 1, voltage is 12.28 ??. Will check voltage of bat 1 & 2 in morning. How SG at 1.29 with such low voltage?More »
  • Discrepancies

    1st Feb When yield went over 1Kw there was no bar representing float. When I disconnected load and reconnected no Load current was noticed so appearing to add another amp to battery. Later again similar switching load on and off takes a while to show…More »
  • Screen Interface Not Adaptable

    The output does'nt fit my computer screen of 1920 x 1200 and there is no option to scroll, so details are cropped on the battery usage: See image 1More »