Victron Connect V4.3

  • Load Anomalies

    **27th Feb** See
    The problem arose that the Load reading was incorrect and didn't seem to work. On 28th I assessed it was reading some 0.6A low so if I wasn't using much it appeared as there was no load. I disconnected the MPPT after sunset on 28th Feb and all seems OK again.

    **9th Feb** See image [histFeb9,gif] It seems as though as the current increases the MPPT becomes less efficient to a degree of 90%. 100w was used during the day of 1.21K yield though there was little load.

    **Today the 8th Feb** I recorded 240W usage from the previous day, most I expect from the late afternoon through to midnight: so maybe 8hr @ 30w more than double what I expected. So today I have noted 30w usage by 16:00 and have loaded (comp, router, led4, phone) which is Victron Connect reads as 1.3 amp. Will leave on until midnight and expect 8 x 1.3 x 12.5w or 130w + 30w for a total of 160. Let's see :)
    **23:50** consumption 130w total So 30w before 16:00 and 100W over 8 hours with computer router and led4 for 8 hours (12.5w/h :: 1A x 12.5V)

  • Update 8th Feb

    Victron connect automatically updated to V4.3

    The noticeable was the removal on the graph of absorption and float bar if they had not been implemented.